Sunday, November 18, 2012

Our Weekend. . .

Not really an exciting weekend, but a good one.  Ben had a church meeting he had to go to in Grand Junction (70 miles north) on Friday night.  So he was gone.  So I busted out some spoils from Japan my parents had sent:
 No doubt Lucy loved all the candies -though truly the chap-stick was a close second.  (P.S.  'Though it is definitely not beyond me, I did not dress Lucy in her PJs.  Emmy did.  Thus the inside-out and backwards shirt. But, as Ben can attest, I have done that to my own self before. . .)

 Emmy really loved her super sweet and adorable gloves.

 Joe-cool soaking it all in.

 And Miles.  The boys both loved their bakugans, or however they are spelled.  Miles also loved the "neatness" of the Botan rice candy - you know, where you can eat the rice-wrapper?  So cool!

Saturday we spent a good part of the late morning working out back on Ben's backyard ice rink.  Remember this from last year?  Well this year it's going to be "bigger and better" according to Ben.  An ice rink with walls even.  I'll show pictures as it comes together.  Hopefully it will be a cold winter!

When Lucy went down for a nap I gave Ben some time to work on some church responsibilities and rode bikes with the kids to the library.  It was a nice day and perfect for a bike-ride.  The library was super great and, once again, I came home with oodles of books.  Many Star Wars one included.

That evening, after dinner, we watched the "final" episode (VI) of Star Wars.  Ben had to miss a little of the beginning as he had church "stuff" to do and I used the beginning to finish up my lesson-prep for the next day.  But then we all got in to it together and had a fun night watching - or not-watching (see pics below) - Star Wars.
When movies get scary Miles usually "hides" behind something.  He just can't bear to watch!  It's goofy, yet sweet.  :)  Emmy joined him, too.  Though not for as long as Miles. . .

I love this shot of Emmy!  And Miles kept himself distracted somewhat with his Halloween candy.  We let the kids "binge" last weekend (while watching episode V) and last night was their final binge where all candy was too be consumed or thrown away.  For the most part, candy was consumed.


erinmalia said...

And by "thrown away" you mean "to be consumed by the parents when the kids can't see," right? That's how it is in our house.

emily said...

really, there wasn't that much left - maybe a few candies. i'm saving the suckers for lucy and our runs. and there are a few tootsie rolls and that's it. the kids were nice, though, and did share.