Sunday, November 04, 2012

Shocking, no?

This story begins a little over a year ago when the grounds were broken and thus the construction of a new LDS chapel began in the south-area of town.  Fast-forward a year.  The three wards here (We also have a branch.  It is a Spanish-branch and so the geographics don't apply to them.) knew that boundaries were going to be shifted - especially as one ward bordered both the old and new chapels.  There was a lot of speculation to what/where the boundaries were, how big of a change was this going to be, etc.  Only a few knew and they were not sharing!

I was pretty sure that we would be out (we, meaning my household) seeing as we are one of the North-est families - and our newly called bishop was one of the South-est (Do I sound like Dr. Seuss?).  I had moments of hope that maybe not!  maybe we'd still all be together!  "Who really knows?," was how many a conversations ended about this matter.

A week before Stake Conference Ben got a call from the Stake Executive Secretary, setting up an appointment for me and Ben to meet with the Stake President at 6:30pm on Stake Conference Sunday (October 21st).  (A note for Stake Exec. Sec.:  do not call a whole week before an appointment with the Stake President!  It produces too much anxiety. . .:)

So that whole week Ben and I stewed over all the possible callings it could be. . . High Councilor, Stake YM presidency, bishopric, bishop, Elders Quorum president, or some other completely random calling.  Ben never came forward with a definite "Yes, this is what it's going to be!"  Oh how I wanted him to.  :)

Stake Conference Sunday came.  By around 6pm (a 1/2 hour before our appointment) Ben said something to the effect of, "Ohhhh, I don't feel so good."  I kind of just laughed it off - knowing he wasn't coming down with an illness. . .

As we were driving on S. 12th street Ben said to me, "So some people are saying there might even be a new ward created."  I replied, "Hmmmm.  I heard a couple of people saying that."  Then I thought, "Oh crud!  He's going to be the bishop!"  And Ben's thought, that was later revealed during our appointment, was, "I wonder what the new ward would be called?  Hmm. . .the Black Canyon ward."

Ben was called that night to be the bishop of the new Black Canyon ward.

Ben knew it all along - but just doubted it.  No other possible calling settled with him, except that of bishop.  But he felt silly for even entertaining such a thought.  I think that is pretty much how I felt, too.  Deep down, I  knew what was going to happen.  I just couldn't/didn't/wouldn't admit to it.

But while neither Ben nor I would fully admit to it before knowing it, everybody else sure has!  By golly.  That morning at Stake Conference a good friend came up to Ben and said, without knowing that we were even meeting with President Taylor that night, "So, have they called you as the new bishop!?"  Then many people since have commented to me or Ben something along the lines of, "So, you going to be the new bishop of the ward?"  or "So and so leaned over and said, 'I bet Ben is going to be the bishop!'"  or "We're just taking bets about you being the new bishop," (spoken by the Young Men Ben has served this past year. . . many of which we no longer be in our ward).  Even at work Ben got it from two members, "Ohhhh, I bet you're going to be in the bishopric, or even the bishop!"  (One week after Stake Conference our area wards had a special sacrament meeting.  At this meeting the new ward was officially announced.  No bishop/bishopric was announced at this time.  The names of 2 other wards in our area got changed.  Boundaries were described and greatly shifted.)

Really!?  Why was it so obvious to everyone else but us?  :)  We've had to keep mum about this for the past 2 weeks.  I could tell my parents because, and only because, they are in Japan.  Ben got to tell his parents so that they could make arrangements to come down here and have Ben's father ordain him a High Priest.  It got hard to know what to say to, "So we think Ben is going to be the new bishop!"  I just started saying, "That is so funny!  Everyone is saying that. . ."

To put down our emotions on this is just frankly too hard.  Emotions range from complete fear and feelings of being totally overwhelmed - to being excited about such a wonderful opportunity for Ben, for us, for our family, and for the Black Canyon ward.  However, I think "overwhelmed" is Ben's state of mind most of the time. .. :)  Ben lost over 5 pounds in the first week after receiving this call.  I cannot even imagine what he is feeling.

I still shed a few tears now and then.  I kept getting choked up at church when the announcement of the new ward was officially made.  Choked up for so many reasons.  Choked up for my husband and the burdens he will share and deal with over the next few + years.  Choked up by the simple fact that my husband is a bishop.  Choked up for the many friends that are now in different wards.  Choked up a lot of times for who knows what exactly.  Something I just can't describe.

So, shocking, no?  I still am in a little bit of shock. . . I'm not sure it has fully hit me.  But one thing is that neither Ben nor I have doubted or questioned the call.  Is it crazy?  You betcha.  Is it totally crazy?  Uh-huh. But is it right?  Sigh, I guess so. . .I mean, Yes!


erinmalia said...

WHAT?! i'm so surprised! :) best wishes to both of you. to ben: for feeling the ability that everyone else knows he has and to you: for being a single mom on sundays (and many other times too)!

Debbie said...

Wow! Pretty exciting, scary, heavy, and wonderful all at the same time. I do have to say I am not surprised that the Lord trusts Ben and your sweet family with such an experience. You are all awesome. We love you guys and I always wish we lived closer!

Emily said...

That is big big news!! I would have been crying for all of the same reasons as well! Ben will be an incredible Bishop and I'm sure you'll love the people in your new ward, while still missing all of your old friends! Good luck to your family on this new adventure!

Niederfam said...

AHHHHHHH. That is HUGE, for you BOTH. My congratulations and condolences to you BOTH again! ;)

AMAZING. Isn't it awesome that is was "confirmed" to "everyone" even before it happened?! LOVE that.

I feel for you BOTH as the MANTLE becomes his, but KNOW he will be amazing, and you will handle it all perfectly, or at least make it FEEL perfect for everyone around you!!!! ;)


courtney said...

I am blog surfing on the right day! ben will be so great. such exciting news for your family! you'll have to keep me posted as the news settles in. i'm sure it could take awhile! ha ha - i love it!