Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving in a Nutshell

So we had a pretty good Thanksgiving.  We were on our own this year and it was kind of nice.  It would have been great to have friends or family, too, but it just worked out this way this year and - like I said - it was nice.

I organized my friends (via facebook - thanks!) to run/trot the local Turkey Trot.  There were 8 of us that agreed to do it and that made me so happy!  We all met at my house and then headed out.
Here are all the trotters.  It was a beautiful morning and a great run.  I had a fantastic time and was happy to have friends do it with me, too.  I made us all some super-easy "Thanksgiving headbands" for our race.  What a fun way to start Thanksgiving!

When I got back the rest of the gang had done a lot of "Macey's Thanksgiving Parade" watching while I was gone.  Then the boys, mainly, headed out back to work on the ice rink. 
 Jonas has been super in to helping.  It's awesome.  And I find this picture completely amazing because it shows 2 boys multi-tasking!  What?!  Jonas is eating a sucker and drilling.  Ben is talking on the phone and helping Jonas.  Whoa.

 Emmy enjoyed some swinging time on our nice-weather Thanksgiving day.

 This was a favorite part of the day for our young boys!  In fact they declared it was the best Thanksgiving ever while painting (of course 30 minutes later when I told Jonas he needed to shower he declared it as the "most boring Thanksgiving ever!"  Kids.  Kids!).  They really had fun painting and it was the perfect thing for them to paint.  It was a little ironic working on the ice rink in almost-60 degree weather.  But Ben has high hopes for freezing temps soon. . .

Then we got cleaned up and got the food all out and feasted.  It was all pretty good.
Happy feasting!

We ended the evening watching our traditional Thanksgiving-day movie:  Jack Frost.  (The old one, not the new one.).  After that was pie and then bed-time.

Happy day.


Emily said...

We were also on our own out here! It was kinda nice, just a quiet Thanksgiving. I can't wait to see the finished ice rink! Hopefully it will get cold soon...for you anyway!

erinmalia said...

let's give your boys some credit: they were doing many more things than that! like breathing and standing and blinking and watching...those are some amazing men you have!

so fun about the race.

it looks so warm. we're freezing here today and i want our warm weather back!