Friday, December 21, 2012

Ben's Birthday - or rather Birthnight - or rather Bornnight

So Ben's birthday, of course seeing as it was on a Thursday, was spent at work.  Right up until dinnertime.  (He's had another week of having 40-hours, give or take, by Thursday evening.  Blah.)  But when he called and said he was heading home, I told the kids and about 10 minutes later we went out on the porch to watch him ride up.

 Don't ask what they were wearing.  But it was freezing (maybe in the teens at this point - warmer than our -2 this morning).

 The boys were the "look-outs."  Although I'm pretty sure I was the one who shouted, "There he is!  He's coming!"  I get excited, too, when he comes home!

 Yes, it is now a tradition - 2 years running.  Decorating Ben's bike.  I took all the kids after school and we got some balloons.  We then went to his work and tied them on.  Luckily for Ben it was pretty cold in the shade and so balloons were all we did . . .

 I had my flash, but I guess the snow confused it or something since none of my pictures really worked out.  Oh well.  He's a good sport.

After dinner - his choice:  Bean and Ham and More Soup (which he loved) - we had cake.  Or Apple Pudding Pie.  Or Apple Custard Pie.  I can't remember what it was called.  It was pretty much delicious.  Make a wish . . .

Then, well after a few phone calls (the visiting kind, not the bishopric kind. . .:), we started decorating our gingerbread houses.  This was Lucy's first year and she was really good and pretty serious about it all.  I would put some frosting on and then she would place the candies.  She did great.
 Hard and studiously at work.

 All done - what cuties:  Lucy and her 1st gingerbread house!

 Emmy did pretty great, too.  She had an idea, then would ask me to squirt out the frosting, then would go at it.  I love her's since she "designed" it all by herself.

 Miles, miles, miles.  At first his house irked me.  Probably because I am a bad mom and all I could see was Miles' hoarding/greediness tendencies.  But, ya know, Miles is extremely creative and festive and so I need to focus more on that.  :)  We'll dedicate his house to Grandma Dee and Diana (both love gum drops . . .).  Nice work Miles!

 And Jonas.  I think those are marshmallow missile-launchers on the side.  Awesome.  He's cute and had fun, too.  Thataboy.

 Here they all are - L-R, oldest to youngest.  And we finally have a decent place to display them!  We usually have our nativity set here but were able to put it elsewhere this year.  So I was happy tonight when I realized we'd be able to showcase them here.  :)

Not only do I love this handsome man a lot, so do all the kiddos surrounding him.  We are lucky people to have him.


erinmalia said...

so fun! happy birthday ben! and what was that you fed him for his birthday? ben and ham? is that right?

emily said...

haha, i'm so funny. bean and ham. i'll fix it now.