Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas morning

 Don't let this picture make you think that Emmy was surprised by what she saw - because this picture was taken at 6:30am and at around 2:30 am she had gone down and peeked at everything.  We had to go and talk to Miles (who had been up for who knows how long and who knows how long he stayed up for afterwards. . . ) and Emmy because Miles was emphatically telling her, "No, Emmy!  We can't go downstairs!"  But she already had. . . but she was still excited about the dolls at 6:30.  :)

 Jonas got a pretty cool Star Wars coloring book from Santa (matches his PJs).

 Oh yes, Lucy loved (loves) her doll.

 In fact, both girls love their dolls.  Such pretties - sisters and dolls and all.

 The boys got a mini-lego set from Santa and Jonas wasted no time in working on it.

 Santa brought the boys cameras.  Cool.

 Pretty parasols from Grandma and Grandpa in Japan.

 Ohlala.  Cute girls in their fancy tutus and tiaras made by Aunt-E.

 A light-saber!

 Lucy also got this puppy.  Both puppy and doll were her sleeping buddies last night.  So sweet.

 Miles really loves his Rush Hour game.  He's gotten past the "beginner" level.

And Lucy's sleeping.  She was determined to get a doll and sleeping bag for Christmas.  Lucky Lucy.  She adores the sleeping bag and just looks too cute in it.  The sleeping came with a little duffle bag/backpack that she adores, too.  And a tent.  And a flashlight.  Soooo lucky Lucy.

It was a fun day and the kids loved all their gifts.  They got lots of other neat gifts.  The all (except) Lucy got a lego set:  Miles got Hagrid's Hut from Harry Potter, Jonas got an X-wing from Star Wars, and Emmy got a Lego Friends set - an RV with a grill, picnic table, 2 girls, bikes, etc.  She loves it and has played a lot with it.

Anyways, we ended the evening (after eating jell-o and bread for dinner as our chicken wasn't done, nor the veggies. . .) out on the ice rink.  All 6 of us.  It was so fun!  We played a little 2-on-2 hockey game - me and Jonas v. Ben and Miles.  We were playing to 5, but had to stop at 3-3 (how convenient) after Miles fell on his elbow and was kind of done.  It was late, anyways. . . but Jonas and I have challenged the other team to another game. . . Soon, hopefully we'll play again.  The girls were cute and just did their own thing, occasionally getting hit (softly) by a passing puck (usually by their mother).

I hope everyone else had a Merry Christmas, too.


erinmalia said...

but does lucy's doll have boobs?!?!?

emily said...

no, not really. but she hasn't said a word. . . :)

Niederfam said...

Love the tutu's and tiara's and LOVE the Christmas peeking and sibling controversy over what to do and when to go and who to tell, CLASSIC.

Looks VERY Merry!!!!

Nicole said...

Cute kiddos! Very fun and happy!!