Monday, December 31, 2012

Farewell to 2012. . .

(I always post our Christmas card and letter on the last day of the year.  It's a good round-up of the year, I think.)

Ben’s biggest news is that he was called as a Bishop of the newly formed ward in our area.  He was sustained on the first Sunday of November, so everything is still relatively new.  He’s doing great, has wonderful counselors, and could market a new weight-loss plan!  He designed, engineered, and built a backyard ice-rink – complete with walls, a roof, and goals.  Now all we need is for this 60-degree weather to drop about 30 degrees and we’ll be skating to our hearts’ content.  Ben went on a 5-day backpacking trip with the youth in our ward over the summer.  They survived all the lightning storms, hail storms, and long nights that were part of the adventure.

I continue to Exercise each morning.  I completed another ½ marathon in the summer – my last, as I always say. . .I also love to hula-hoop and jump-rope!  I continue to deal with melt-downs on an every-day basis.  Yes, from my kids as well as myself!  I try and be involved with my kids’ school by attending the PAC (formerly PTA?) meetings, volunteering in my boys’ classrooms a couple times a month, and being a coach for the schools’ Girls on the Run program.  I still love chocolate and frozen yogurt.

Miles is definitely a boy filled with Many questions.  He’s been this way since he was 2.  During the first week of school Miles’ teacher remarked to me about Miles’ intelligence and said something like, “He asked me this question and I just couldn’t answer it at all.”  Miles is fascinated by the little things.  Tiny rocks.  Tiny plants.  The microscopic world.  We went to Yellowstone this past summer and, while he was impressed with Old Faithful, Miles was much more interested in the little geyser in front of Old Faithful.  expecto Patronus!  (Harry Potter terminology)  Miles started reading the Harry Potter series this school year and is currently on the 5th book; he even dressed up as Harry Potter for Halloween.  Split Cone was the name of the little geyser in front of Old Faithful; Miles asked a ranger about it.

Jonas might have a career in Journalism as he has written many “books” in his 1st-grade class.  Books about so-and-so (classmates, sometimes including himself) getting married and having babies.  Supposedly they are huge hits in the classroom.  Of all my children Jonas has got to be the best at obedience.  Not that he listens all the time, but he does obey waaaay better than all his siblings. There is never a day that Jonas doesn’t want to have a friend over to play.  His easy-going personality makes him a good and fun friend.  Jonas is an a+ student at school and truly excels in reading and math.  He has recently begun a fascination with star Wars and so we, as a family, watched episodes IV, V, and VI.  Fun times!  It was only fitting for Jonas to be Luke Skywalker for Halloween.

Emmy is an Excellent big-sister.  Not perfect, but definitely excellent.  She invites Lucy to play with her a lot and they spend many hours a day playing together– anything from princesses, to gymnastics, to Star Wars.  Emmy is my 3rd child to “enroll” in our mommy ‘n me school.  A couple times a week we do reading, counting, cutting, etc.  She is also lucky enough to be involved with a “homeschool preschool” group as I call it.  There are 3 other sweet girls and each of us moms takes one week of the month (twice a week) and hosts it at our house.  Every day I am asked, “Is it preschool today?!”  Her room is 99% of the time one huge mess.  It’s incredible.  Five-minutes after cleaning it all up, it’s a mess all over again.  I wish I wouldn’t care as much as I do. . .  young love: this year Emmy had what I will call her first crush - Luke Skywalker.  Yes, it included such things as dreamy eyes and swooning. 

Lucy loves Lollipops (tongue twister?).  When Emmy is away at preschool Lucy gets to/has to join me for a run.  She totally looks forward to the runs because I give her a lollipop (it’s a nasty habit I started after Halloween. . .).  Lucy has an uncanny ability of speech.  Not only can she say a million words, she knows exactly what they all mean.  Lucy is crazy:  crazy cute, crazy silly, crazy awesome, crazy talker, crazy fun, and crazy bossy!  Despite Lucy’s status of “youngest” she does not let that get in her way.  She very much directs and orders all of us around.  When Lucy and Emmy play “house,” Lucy is the mom and Emmy the baby – much to Emmy’s disappointment.  Lucy is not afraid to speak - or yell - her mind and she does not back down easily – if at all.

Life is not perfect, but life is definitely good.   We love and miss our friends and family that live far away!  Merry Christmas to you all.


Niederfam said...

Great idea. perfect!!!! Love the run down. Life is GOOD. Happy New Year!!!

erinmalia said...

haha---yay for sportcoats!

Nicole said...

I loved it!! So cute!