Friday, December 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Jonas

Dear Jonas,

I will most likely (hopefully!) come back later and write you a real, decent letter.  But, sadly, I'm so tired.  So, so, so tired.  It's been a long week for me (and your dad).  But don't think I've forgotten you, because I most certainly haven't.  You and your birthday have been on my mind for a while.  I hope you like your gifts and all the little special things we'll do to make it your special day.

You are really a fantastic kid.  There is only one big fault you have - that of whining.  In fact tonight Miles came up with a great nickname for ya :  Monas.  Like moan-as.  I thought it was pretty clever.  (But, I can't blame you for whining so much - your big brother has pestered you since you started becoming more than just a lump.)

With only one big fault, I would say you're pretty awesome.  Even with all of Miles' pestering, you still are best buddies with him.  And best enemies. . .  Every day (yes, I'm pretty sure I'm not exaggerating) you come crying to me about something that Miles has done.  And every day I tell you "Then don't play with him."  And every day you go back and play with him.  I wish you wouldn't, but you do like your brother and I guess I shouldn't complain too much about that.

Truly, though, you can play with pretty much anybody.  Any age.  Young girls, old girls, and any boys.  You're adorably sweet with little girls.  You always want to have your best-friend Jake over.  Every Wednesday we have 2 boys (brothers) walk home with you guys and you love that (and Jake usually ends up coming over, too - double perfect for you!).

Okay, well that's not much nor much of an ending.  But I'm looking at about 6 hours of sleep again already, so I better call it a night.

I love you.  I'm thankful to have you in our family.  You're a blessing to us all.  (Unless you're whining. . .)

Happy birthday,