Saturday, December 15, 2012

Jonas' 7th Birthday

We "lucked" out and were able to have Ben home on Friday morning for Jonas' birthday (he had already put in 43 hours by Thursday night).  I don't have a "classic" picture of birthday kid walking through his/her crepe paper door because Lucy or Emmy or someone ripped it down "accidentally" before I had the chance.  And by the time it was put back up, I had forgotten to get the picture.  Oh well.

 Here is Jonas opening his one present in the morning - a very cool Star Wars Yoda watch.  Yay!  He loved it.

 Jonas sitting in his birthday chair with his special birthday cereal.  Yum.

 Jonas showing off his new watch and the cool star wars snowflakes on the widow.  Cool, huh?

 Here are the girls "helping" me make the cake.

 The boys can earn a coupon for a free personal pan pizza for every month that they read every day.  Both boys had gotten their 2nd coupon and we decided to go out on Jonas' birthday.  It was fun - though Jonas gulped down his root beer (his "special treat") so fast that he was freezing for the rest of the time.  He also chomped down his pizza pretty quickly and then he felt sick.  Ha.  He ended up having a good day at school - it was the December birthdays celebration in his class that day and so that was extra fun.  He had asked me to make some carrot/spinach puree brownies (since the school requires only "healthy" snacks - blah) from a cookbook he had looked through.  As soon as he walked through the door from school he declared, "No one liked your brownies mom!"  Hahahaha.  No duh.

We then opened presents.  He got a lot of fun and great things and spent a lot of time with a bunch of his toys.  He really liked the big Star Wars lego set he got and spent most of his time working on that.  We had dinner and then started watching Spy Kids.  Half-way through we had an intermission and had cake.  Too bad Jonas didn't feel like eating it then - perhaps it was the huge chunk of "sugar bread" (as Jonas called it and was given to him by an "older" friend) and spaghetti and meatballs he ate for dinner. . . (He did eat his piece of cake before bed.).
His cake was the Millenium Falcon, from Star Wars of course.  Awesome.

After cake we finished the movie and then the boys played for a bit and then slept downstairs in the playroom in their sleeping bags.  A fun night and a fun way to end a special day for a special boy.


jamescmaxwell said...

What a great day! It is fun to see the kids and all the familiar home settings. Glad Ben could be home for the morning celebrations. Neat birthday cake. We need to be more up to date on the Star Wars creatures. We love Jonas! We also love, you, his mom. You are doing such a GREAT job as a mother. Thanks for sharing the pictures and thoughts. Jim & Diana

courtney said...

so cool! i'm taking notes as sam's birthday is coming up and he is also a big fan of star wars. happy birthday jonas!

erinmalia said...

super cool! happy birthday jonas!

Jay - Laura said...

I love your blog! Have your kids got to watch all 6 Star Wars movies? Just wondering :) You also take awesome photos- what a treasure they are and will become!