Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ice Rinking

A couple of weeks ago my parents asked me to take videos of my kids on the ice rink.  I had posted one earlier on facebook, but not here.  So I decided I better go and do it before the rink melts away . . . (Slightly related:  my parents are safely back in the states!  I talked to them briefly yesterday and they were exhausted from being up for 30 hours.  Hopefully they can adjust well to MST soon!)

And I'll probably post ALL the videos I took.  Sorry.  But I want them.  I think by video #4 or so my voice is quite exasperated.  They boys were driving me nuts.  (Actually, the videos are all out of order once I uploaded them.  Oh well - can you guess what was originally video #4.)  It seems like not only do our bodies need a warm-up, but so do the emotions.  They cooled off as we played more and more.

I'm gonna miss this rink!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Another {long and perhaps slightly boring} Update

Here I go again . . . shall I go youngest to oldest or oldest to youngest?  Hmmm . . .

Ben's baby.  :)  Just kidding.  Well the ice-rink is a grand old time, really.  Ben has had three men's hockey nights and they have all been great.  We have neighbors and friends come over and some even try ice-skating for their very first times.  It's pretty neat.  Last week the boys were probably on the rink for about 3 hours on a Friday night.  This past Friday was a sad one, though:  it was unskateable due to the warm night previous and the warm day.  Bummer!  We made up for it on Saturday morning when the four of us (Ben, me, Miles, and Jonas) played a little 2-on-2 for a little bit.  It will probably not be frozen solid again until mid-week this week, but all is not yet over with the rink.  But when it is, truthfully I will miss it.  It's been fun and great for so many reasons.

She is as crazy and as cute as ever.  We all just love watching the little antics she does all day long.  She's just so funny.  Ben is a complete softy when it comes to her.  He said some evening this week how he worries about Lucy and that she just gets what she wants/DEMANDS.  I told him I had noticed how he, ahem, does quite give in to Lucy (yes, I admitted, we all do - but I think Ben does it best . . .:).  When I came home from my run on Saturday there was Lucy eating a sucker at 8am.  Really?  Oh boy, that dad has a hard time saying "no" to Lucy.  I do tell her no because I must; then I get to suffer her wrath.  Poor me.  I haven't officially started potty-training her (I missed her window a while back I think), but she probably does go poop in the toilet more often than not. So that's a great start.  I thought it would be fun to get underwear from the Easter Bunny, but I'm not sure I should wait that long.  She does okay in nursery - it's a small group of 4 kids, I think.  She cries sometimes when she gets dropped off, but she settles down.  They always make little crafts and she is always so excited to "show my mommy!" I'm told.  Her favorite book and the one she wants read all the time:  The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig.  She thinks she's at least 6 years old.

She, too, is crazy.  Sometimes crazy sweet and sometimes just crazy CrAzY.  I'm excited for the time that she'll outgrow her tantrums.  I'm unexcited about the thought that she probably never will to some extent . . . She loves her preschool group - a bunch of 4 beautiful girls.  They do a lot of fun learning activities each week - she's so lucky.  This week we had it at our house.  Tuesday was play-doh and puppet day.  The girls made paper bag pig puppets and we put on the "Three Little Pigs" puppet show for the moms.  It was very cute and the girls seemed really excited about it.  Thursday was pizza day and we did all sorts of things:  pizza dots and matching clothespin number, stamp-painting with veggies to make a paper pizza, cutting pizza shapes and toppings, and making their own pizza to eat for lunch.  YUM.  Emmy loves to dance and gymnastics - mainly on our couch.  I have to remind her everyday that we don't do gymnastics on our couch.  Sigh.  We still do school together at home and "read" some books on starfall, practice number recognition, patterns, etc., etc.

Man can he be a grouch.  Seriously, as he "matures" his whiny-ness is turning in to moodiness.  Sigh.  Luckily it's not an everyday thing.  Thanks heavens for that!  But I did have to suffer through a few days of it these week.  Poor me (again).  He continues to do great in school - he got the math award at the last quarter's awards ceremony (each class can have 1 or more in each category for awards).  He's finally started to read the Magic Tree House series and hopefully he'll like them {almost} as much as Miles.  He has a best-friend named Jake that lives just up the street.  They get together a lot - at our house or sometimes at Jake's house. We're so close that they can just walk on their own.  But, we just found out Saturday that Jake's dad got a job in Montana and they'll most likely be moving at the end of the school year.  Such a bummer for so many reasons!  Sad for Jonas (but they will be great pen-pals we've decided!).  Sad for our school to lose 2 great kids (Jake and his sister Elizabeth).  And sad for our street to lose a great family.  Jonas loves going out on the ice rink and was in to making stop-action movies this week.  Legos is still a fun hobby of his and he especially likes to play with his Star Wars legos.  His class at church calls him "Little Bishop."

He's doing well in school.  His won his class' "science" award for the last quarter.  His teacher commented that sometimes Miles knows more than she does when they are talking and learning about science.  Some of his classmates thinks he should be called, "Sci-Mie."  His class is working on their multiplications and for every "set" (x2s, etc.) they pass off they get something for an ice cream sundae bar.  Like, passing off x10's and x0's will earn you a bowl and spoon.  So if you can't pass anything else off, that's all you get!  Miles has passed off all the required sets and is now working on  the "bonus" sets (he's got the most sets passed off thus far) - so he'll be able to get the works on his ice cream.  Unfortunately learning his multiplication tables has made him quite slow in the basics of addition and subtraction.  His mid-term assessments weren't so grand at all.  So now I guess we'll still need to review those each night.  It's not that he doesn't know addition and subtraction, he was just slow at it and wasn't able to finish much.  Sigh.  He likes going to his gymnastics class on Mondays.  He's a good kid with great potential, but still maintains Head-Pesterer in our home.  I'm not sure what else to say - much more and it might start heading even more downhill, so I better stop.

By the time I get to Ben and myself I am kind of "done" with writing updates.  But I guess I should say a little:
I think he's doing well in managing his time and all of his responsibilities.  He will never be able to "catch up" with all the things he could do in his call as Bishop, but he does try and do what he can.  But he makes time for other things as well - like his family and hockey night.  :)  I think all are very important and so I support him in all those areas.  He's working on an advanced certification in his RN role - that of becoming a First-Assistant.  The surgeon's right-hand man.  Or something like that.  He has a clinical course to attend in February by his parents' house and hopefully that will go well and encourage him on in his quest!  He continues to ride his bike to work every morning - yes, even when it was -15 or something like that.  He loves it.

I'm doing alright.  Sometimes I just think to myself, "Life is really good!"  But a lot of other times I am tired.  Tired of doing the same thing over and over.  Tired of dealing with the same tantrums and fights over and over.  Tired of dealing with each child and his or his "issues" over and over.  And lonely.  I can spend all day Sunday with the kids by myself, getting everyone ready (including myself!), snacks and meals made, dinner prepared, sitting in the pew during Sacrament meeting, bedtime routine, etc.  I can do it and I do do it each and every week.  But it gets tiresome and lonesome doing it all by myself.  Ben and I were just talking last week about how the time that I really could use him sitting by me at church (not just wanting him sitting by me, but actually needing him by me) is now - when he can't.  Bummer.  Sigh.  But it is what it is - that's my new motto, I think, because I say it a lot now.  But we are determined to make Ben's calling a good one for him, us, our family, and our ward.  We will try our best!  I still long for and treasure my Saturday morning runs.  It's probably a good thing I don't have everlasting endurance because I could imagine myself just running and running and running . . .:)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

More Boy-made Videos

By Jonas:

The Flyer

The Scuba Diver

By Miles: (turn up your volume, but not TOO much!  The boys started incorporating some videos in to their still-shots - mainly for "sound effects.")
The Hockey Game

The Gold Diggers

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Miles in stitches. . .

Well, just about.  :)  It happened on Monday when the kids were out of school and our backyard neighbors came over to play on the rink.  Well the 3 boys (7, 8, and 15ish) came up with "Zombie Tag," or something close to that.  It's basically tag, but when you're "it" you have your eyes closed.  Skates + ice + eyes closed + tag = something bad.

Miles came in crying a little bit.  I looked at his eye - hmmmm, does it need stitches or not, I thought?  It was clearly split, but not so very deep.  Ben called a little bit later and I asked him about it.  He didn't care as much since Miles was a boy and boys can have scars - at least that is what I took from the conversation I had with Ben. :I told him I still want my boys to beautiful.  :)  He said he'd bring home some steri-stips and we'd assess then.

When Ben got home we put on the steri-strips and Miles was nicknamed "Franken-eye" by Jonas.  Miles was really quite "proud" of his scar and the first thing he said when he saw his friend Kevin at school the next day was, "Look at my eye!  I got hurt!"

Pictures:  (please excuse the "I am a 2-year old trying on my mommy's lipstick face."  Miles, while being the oldest, is probably also the messiest eater of all my kids.)

Needless to say, Zombie Tag is now outlawed on the rink.

Monday, January 21, 2013

I Have a Dream . . .

After watching a few clips online I gave the boys a little assignment:

Jonas' is the first one:
I have a dream that all bad guys will get arrested and bad guys will be nice.

I have a dream that every body will be healthy and go out side a lot.


I did share a few of my dreams with the kids to get them started.  My dreams pretty much all related to the family and that our nation should honor and respect it more and realize its importance.  That's it.  Happy Martin Luther King Day!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Night Happenings . . .

A typical Friday night, I guess:

 The goalie pads might look cool (in hockey terms, of course), but they didn't help me much.  :)

 We played Miles&Mom vs. Jonas&Dad.  Good times for sure!  (The girls got to watch an Angelina Ballerina show while we played.  Jonas, in all honesty, was really bummed in having to miss the show.  But he quickly forgot as soon as he got on the ice . . . :)

Afterwards it was stitch-removal time:
 Emmy on the sterile surgical table (hahahahaha).

So they were a little difficult to remove - well one especially.  Emmy was a little nervous, but eventually they all came out and she was pretty happy about that.

The boys stayed out for another hour+ playing with our two neighbor kids that live behind us.

A pretty good Friday night!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bad Mom Points = 3; Good Mom Points = 1.

Dang, I lost to the bad - 3 to 1.  Let's review, shall we.

Bad Points:
Miles - I went to pick up Miles from Cub Scouts at our church.  The boys finished up playing their game and then apparently went in to the gym (he somehow sneaked right past me!) where other groups (Scouts, YM, etc.) were hanging out.   I saw Miles clear at the other end of the gym playing with a couple other kids.  Another older group was shooting some hoops.  The basketball came over to Miles and Miles picked it up.  And what did he do?  Threw it back to the kid, right?  Right?  Wrong.  He threw it completely away from the kids that were playing with it.  In some way that is just so typical of Miles.  It disgusts me.  Seriously.  I.  Was.  Mad.  In some ways, it's a little thing and I get that.  But with Miles, it's just not.  So when he got in the car, I did not ask him right away, "So how was Cub Scouts?"  Instead I lectured him, told him how disappointed I was (I probably used the word "disgusted," too), etc.  A few minutes later I finally asked him about his evening.

Emmy - Emmy came crying to me about hitting her head.  She told me she was playing on Lucy's bed.  As in the top part.  As in the tiny sheet over Lucy's bed.  As in I've told her many times that we don't play on Lucy's bed like that.  So I had no sympathy for her.  In fact I even told her, "When you do dumb things, I just don't feel too badly about."  I did not console her.  Instead I told her to go up and fix Lucy's bed.  Which she tried.  But she couldn't.  And she had stopped crying by then.

Lucy - Lucy, Lucy, Lucy.  Jonas was going out on the ice rink and Lucy said she wanted to, too.  So I told her as soon as I finished up the dishes, I would help her get ready.  She bothered me a few more times and I reminded her a few more times that when I was finished, I would help. (!)  Then she took matters in to her own hands and tried putting on her skates.  She dropped one on her foot.  I coldly told her, "I'm sorry, but you should have waited for me to help you."  After the dishes and a forever number of minutes in getting her dressed, finding this sock, that glove, her helmet, getting me ready, too, etc., we finally made it out to the rink.  In less than 30 seconds of being out on the ice, she told me she wanted to go back inside.  NOPE.  I told her she was out there for a while longer.  So she just pretty much stayed on the wall (I had gotten her a stroller to push around, but she didn't want to . . .).  Which leads me to my good mom point . . .

Jonas - I played with Jonas on the ice rink.  We played a little one-on-one and had fun.  Jonas is getting better.  After playing one-on-one we then started to play tag.  It was pretty fun.  Then I stuck Lucy in the stroller and pushed her around with me.  Everyone loved that.  Lucy would even reach out to try and tag Jonas.  It was pretty cool.  And kind of difficult for me - a not-so-very-good ice skater.  When Jonas was supposed to tag me and then it would be time to go in - he purposely (but trying to be sly about it . . .) would not tag me.  It was really a fun time.

We win some and lose some.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Emmy in Stitches . . .

Well with a combined "score" (or age) of 22 years among our children, this being our first child with stitches ins't too bad.  Sad that it was Emmy, though . . .

So we had just gotten the boys home from school and Ben came home at the same time.  Ben and Miles just went out on the rink in their shoes and were hitting the puck around for a sec.  Emmy came out, too, and was just standing there in her boots and then boom!  She fell.  And the biggest culprit was that her hands were in her pocket and thus she was not able to brace her fall at all.  So she fell directly on her chin and started screaming.  Ben got her inside and noticed that her chin was quite split and deep.  He was pretty sure she'd need stitches.

So I took Emmy to the ER.  She was really nervous about the idea of getting stitches, but I kind of told her all that would happen in the ER.  By the time the doc came in she agreed that stitches were necessary - especially for cosmetic reasons (being on her face and all).  I had to put some numbing cream on her wound and then the doc came in and placed drapes all over her face - leaving only the wound spot opened (I would have hated having the drapes all over me; so suffocating!).  Three stitches later and a completely perfect patient, we were done!

I was super surprised to notice, while Emmy was going to the bathroom on our way out, that I had change in my purse.  So Emmy was able to choose a treat from the vending machine - a rice krispie treat (ahhhh, she's so my girl!).

When we got back Emmy wanted to go ice-skating!  So that's good.  She shared her treat with all the kids (including Miles' friend).  She's pretty great.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013


Super bed!  I'm not sure who came up with that name - me?  the big kids?  or Lucy?  So I found THIS on pinterest and totally wanted to do it for Lucy.  I mean, come on, the poor girl has slept in the laundry room for almost 2 1/2 years - in a pack 'n play.  She's never had a crib!  So anyways when I saw that pack 'n play turned into something more fun I knew it would be a fun thing for Lucy.  (Who knew how excited my other kids would be, too!?  They all had to rush and see it after I cut out the mesh on one side.  And Emmy kept lamenting, "I want a super bed!")

 Lucy does love it!

 Cozy and cute (it may not be as cute as what I saw online, but oh well . . .  I couldn't peak it in the middle as the picture showed.  Supposedly the mobile was underneath it giving it the lift, but our mobile just fell over so she gets a flat-top :).  She's been good about not getting out too much.  One night she got out after about 45 minutes of sleeping.  She was convinced it was "wake-up time" and wanted to go and eat breakfast.  She was not happy when I put her back to bed, but she didn't get out.  She'll get out in the morning time when everyone else is up and making some noise.  Once she got out after a not-long-enough nap and this was the result:
It wasn't pretty.  She was so unreasonable (yes, I know kids are, but this was even worse!) and had about 5 things she was attempting to hold and every time one dropped, all calamity broke loose again.  I can't remember what changed her mood but all of sudden! she was fine and dandy and life could go on pleasantly again.  Oh good.

So a super bed for a super-girl and a sometimes super-tantrum-throwing-2-year old!

Monday, January 07, 2013

Hockey Night for the Big Boys

I convinced Ben (it wasn't that hard) to have some of his friends over for a hockey night.  So last Friday night a group gathered at about 8pm.  The group:

 Front row:  Nate and Ben.  Back row:  Jeron, Mike, and Randy.

They played until a few minutes before 10.  They ended up with quite a few bruises (ahem, Nate).  It was also very cold - as in 1-degree.  But despite all that (or partly because of all that?!) I think they all had a great time - I know Ben did.

There's been talk of another men's hockey night . . . hopefully!

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Skiing Videos

For my sake. And my kids's sake.

(Bummer, though, we have none of speedy Jonas.  I'm not sure why?)

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Skiing in Silverton

This is our third year taking our ski trip to Silverton.  If we didn't have to drive Red Mountain Pass the whole adventure would be practically perfect.  This year was amazing because the boys were on their own - riding the ski lift by themselves (totally by themselves - we don't trust them riding it together!) and skiing down on their own as well.  It was awesome for everyone.


 Cute Lucy at the lodge.  She hates wearing snow gloves and boots and a snow-suit.  And a hat.  That girl.  The first chance she has to take it off, she does.

 Cute Lucy at the "cabin-house," as the kids called it.  It's not a cabin at all, but whatever . . .

 The second day of skiing (for everyone else).  It was bright - thank goodness for the sunshine, though, because the high was like 15.  But with the blessed sunshine, it was just fine.  Luckily, also, I found these sunglasses for me in the car (my dad gave them to Ben.  They are so my dad.).  I also found Lucy's in the car.  Yay.

 Lucy getting pulled around in a sled.

 Lucy and I did a lot of sledding.  It was totally fun.  We always rocked it and made it down the entire hill - but then that meant a long haul all the way back up.  I got hot!

 Lucy loved her shades and wouldn't even take them off inside the lodge.  She's awesome.

Lucy even got to try out the ice rink there!  This is her first time on ice skates.  She thoroughly impressed Ben by being able to stand and walk a little bit on them.  So fun!


Emmy did great!  She started the first day on a ski-harness and then was doing well enough that Ben took it off and let her ski freely.  Although we do have some little clip-thingy that goes on the ski-tips that were life-savers.  Emmy just got better and better and better.  The last run on the last day was her best, said Ben.  She followed Ben down the entire hill, turning and all.  She loved it and just went and went and went.  Every time she got on the ski lift with Ben, she'd giggle.  She loved riding the lift!  What a cutie.

Part of Jonas' tradition with our ski trip is being sick.  Poor kid!  I was so bummed on Sunday when he told me he wasn't feeling good and that his stomach was hurting.  Nooooo.  He'd had a cough that wasn't getting any better either. . . and in fact got a little worse in Silverton (he coughed on and off the entire night, but luckily he slept through most of it . . . probably not his best sleep, but it could have been worse).  But he still did awesome.  On his first run he just zoomed right on down - fast and slick.  He scared us a little because he thinks he's soooo good.  Luckily he fell a couple of times to humble himself and to teach him some caution.  :)

 In most every picture Jonas just doesn't look happy.  But he did love it and just wanted to keep going, even though he was literally running on empty since he was hardly eating .  But we didn't make him get out and ski, and frankly we thought we shouldn't let him ski.  But we did and he truly loved it - though he doesn't look it.

 See how miserable he looks?  He was cold, too, at this point.  But he took a break and then went back skiing.

 Now he was finally done.  Two hard days of skiing + not feeling good = a tired, sweet-looking boy.  He still has good memories, though - even here when I asked if he had fun, he replied, "Yes!  Skiing is so fun."  Oh good.

Miles was so great.  Now Jonas has more natural abilities and was always a little faster, but Miles was more in-control of his skiing and cautious.  He did great and just loved it.  He just kept going and going and going. Each day wanting to get in another run or 2 when everybody else was done.  It was great watching him love it.  He even did one of the more "advanced" runs - going down the face of the mountain - a few times.

 After the first day of skiing Ben and I skated together on the ice rink.  It was pretty fun.  The kids were all in the car warming up and listening to Frog and Toad.  Then we got to our house and got dinner ready, ate, the boys read their 20 minutes, and then we watched our movie.  The Mighty Ducks.  Too bad there was a lot of the use of "hell" and some other curse words.  Luckily my kids don't really know what the "swear words" are.

 Yes, it's kind of a funny picture of me.  But this is what happens when you go running for 40 minutes in 0-degree (or was it -1?) temperature.  Check out the frost on my eyelids - so cool.  The frost on my face?  Not as cool-looking.

The end of the second day.  Getting ready to go in to the lodge for some hot-cocoa before the trek home.  Where is Miles?  Doing his last two runs on the ski hill, of course.