Sunday, January 27, 2013

Another {long and perhaps slightly boring} Update

Here I go again . . . shall I go youngest to oldest or oldest to youngest?  Hmmm . . .

Ben's baby.  :)  Just kidding.  Well the ice-rink is a grand old time, really.  Ben has had three men's hockey nights and they have all been great.  We have neighbors and friends come over and some even try ice-skating for their very first times.  It's pretty neat.  Last week the boys were probably on the rink for about 3 hours on a Friday night.  This past Friday was a sad one, though:  it was unskateable due to the warm night previous and the warm day.  Bummer!  We made up for it on Saturday morning when the four of us (Ben, me, Miles, and Jonas) played a little 2-on-2 for a little bit.  It will probably not be frozen solid again until mid-week this week, but all is not yet over with the rink.  But when it is, truthfully I will miss it.  It's been fun and great for so many reasons.

She is as crazy and as cute as ever.  We all just love watching the little antics she does all day long.  She's just so funny.  Ben is a complete softy when it comes to her.  He said some evening this week how he worries about Lucy and that she just gets what she wants/DEMANDS.  I told him I had noticed how he, ahem, does quite give in to Lucy (yes, I admitted, we all do - but I think Ben does it best . . .:).  When I came home from my run on Saturday there was Lucy eating a sucker at 8am.  Really?  Oh boy, that dad has a hard time saying "no" to Lucy.  I do tell her no because I must; then I get to suffer her wrath.  Poor me.  I haven't officially started potty-training her (I missed her window a while back I think), but she probably does go poop in the toilet more often than not. So that's a great start.  I thought it would be fun to get underwear from the Easter Bunny, but I'm not sure I should wait that long.  She does okay in nursery - it's a small group of 4 kids, I think.  She cries sometimes when she gets dropped off, but she settles down.  They always make little crafts and she is always so excited to "show my mommy!" I'm told.  Her favorite book and the one she wants read all the time:  The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig.  She thinks she's at least 6 years old.

She, too, is crazy.  Sometimes crazy sweet and sometimes just crazy CrAzY.  I'm excited for the time that she'll outgrow her tantrums.  I'm unexcited about the thought that she probably never will to some extent . . . She loves her preschool group - a bunch of 4 beautiful girls.  They do a lot of fun learning activities each week - she's so lucky.  This week we had it at our house.  Tuesday was play-doh and puppet day.  The girls made paper bag pig puppets and we put on the "Three Little Pigs" puppet show for the moms.  It was very cute and the girls seemed really excited about it.  Thursday was pizza day and we did all sorts of things:  pizza dots and matching clothespin number, stamp-painting with veggies to make a paper pizza, cutting pizza shapes and toppings, and making their own pizza to eat for lunch.  YUM.  Emmy loves to dance and gymnastics - mainly on our couch.  I have to remind her everyday that we don't do gymnastics on our couch.  Sigh.  We still do school together at home and "read" some books on starfall, practice number recognition, patterns, etc., etc.

Man can he be a grouch.  Seriously, as he "matures" his whiny-ness is turning in to moodiness.  Sigh.  Luckily it's not an everyday thing.  Thanks heavens for that!  But I did have to suffer through a few days of it these week.  Poor me (again).  He continues to do great in school - he got the math award at the last quarter's awards ceremony (each class can have 1 or more in each category for awards).  He's finally started to read the Magic Tree House series and hopefully he'll like them {almost} as much as Miles.  He has a best-friend named Jake that lives just up the street.  They get together a lot - at our house or sometimes at Jake's house. We're so close that they can just walk on their own.  But, we just found out Saturday that Jake's dad got a job in Montana and they'll most likely be moving at the end of the school year.  Such a bummer for so many reasons!  Sad for Jonas (but they will be great pen-pals we've decided!).  Sad for our school to lose 2 great kids (Jake and his sister Elizabeth).  And sad for our street to lose a great family.  Jonas loves going out on the ice rink and was in to making stop-action movies this week.  Legos is still a fun hobby of his and he especially likes to play with his Star Wars legos.  His class at church calls him "Little Bishop."

He's doing well in school.  His won his class' "science" award for the last quarter.  His teacher commented that sometimes Miles knows more than she does when they are talking and learning about science.  Some of his classmates thinks he should be called, "Sci-Mie."  His class is working on their multiplications and for every "set" (x2s, etc.) they pass off they get something for an ice cream sundae bar.  Like, passing off x10's and x0's will earn you a bowl and spoon.  So if you can't pass anything else off, that's all you get!  Miles has passed off all the required sets and is now working on  the "bonus" sets (he's got the most sets passed off thus far) - so he'll be able to get the works on his ice cream.  Unfortunately learning his multiplication tables has made him quite slow in the basics of addition and subtraction.  His mid-term assessments weren't so grand at all.  So now I guess we'll still need to review those each night.  It's not that he doesn't know addition and subtraction, he was just slow at it and wasn't able to finish much.  Sigh.  He likes going to his gymnastics class on Mondays.  He's a good kid with great potential, but still maintains Head-Pesterer in our home.  I'm not sure what else to say - much more and it might start heading even more downhill, so I better stop.

By the time I get to Ben and myself I am kind of "done" with writing updates.  But I guess I should say a little:
I think he's doing well in managing his time and all of his responsibilities.  He will never be able to "catch up" with all the things he could do in his call as Bishop, but he does try and do what he can.  But he makes time for other things as well - like his family and hockey night.  :)  I think all are very important and so I support him in all those areas.  He's working on an advanced certification in his RN role - that of becoming a First-Assistant.  The surgeon's right-hand man.  Or something like that.  He has a clinical course to attend in February by his parents' house and hopefully that will go well and encourage him on in his quest!  He continues to ride his bike to work every morning - yes, even when it was -15 or something like that.  He loves it.

I'm doing alright.  Sometimes I just think to myself, "Life is really good!"  But a lot of other times I am tired.  Tired of doing the same thing over and over.  Tired of dealing with the same tantrums and fights over and over.  Tired of dealing with each child and his or his "issues" over and over.  And lonely.  I can spend all day Sunday with the kids by myself, getting everyone ready (including myself!), snacks and meals made, dinner prepared, sitting in the pew during Sacrament meeting, bedtime routine, etc.  I can do it and I do do it each and every week.  But it gets tiresome and lonesome doing it all by myself.  Ben and I were just talking last week about how the time that I really could use him sitting by me at church (not just wanting him sitting by me, but actually needing him by me) is now - when he can't.  Bummer.  Sigh.  But it is what it is - that's my new motto, I think, because I say it a lot now.  But we are determined to make Ben's calling a good one for him, us, our family, and our ward.  We will try our best!  I still long for and treasure my Saturday morning runs.  It's probably a good thing I don't have everlasting endurance because I could imagine myself just running and running and running . . .:)


erinmalia said...

can ben take one of the kids during sacrament? our first counselor always has has seven-year old on the stand with him. maybe your boys would be okay on their own? dunno. wish you were closer. we'd run away together. :)

emily said...

well it's not too horrible in the pew. lucy is the worst. the boys aren't a problem. emmy is not too bad - well she does throwing me glaring dagger-looks and stomps her feet when i tell her to look forward, but at least they are somewhat silent tantrums. lucy is the most difficult. but sometimes she's fine. and other times she's not.

Emily said...

Such fun updates to hear about all of your family members! I'm glad to hear that things, for the most part, are going well!

Niederfam said...

I have the same motto, "It is what it is" and sometimes that's good and sometimes it's SO not.

Hang in there. I've just taken my little fam to church solo for the last 3 weeks, Preston was sick, then gone for work, etc. etc. But to KNOW that was my plight, I might become inactive. ;)

courtney said...

love the update. "running and running and running..." ha ha - i love this. and can relate. except for sitting by myself on sundays at church. the kids get so much of me on every other day, they both are always on troy's lap at church. they make it look like i have some sort of disease, sitting on one end of the pew by myself. also, i love that you included the ice rink in the update!