Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Night Happenings . . .

A typical Friday night, I guess:

 The goalie pads might look cool (in hockey terms, of course), but they didn't help me much.  :)

 We played Miles&Mom vs. Jonas&Dad.  Good times for sure!  (The girls got to watch an Angelina Ballerina show while we played.  Jonas, in all honesty, was really bummed in having to miss the show.  But he quickly forgot as soon as he got on the ice . . . :)

Afterwards it was stitch-removal time:
 Emmy on the sterile surgical table (hahahahaha).

So they were a little difficult to remove - well one especially.  Emmy was a little nervous, but eventually they all came out and she was pretty happy about that.

The boys stayed out for another hour+ playing with our two neighbor kids that live behind us.

A pretty good Friday night!


erinmalia said...

so nice to have such medical personnel in your family! you should have done it, em. :)

those pads are awesome! where'd they come from?

courtney said...

so jealous! seriously wish we were neighbors. (and not just because of the ice rink!)