Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ice Rinking

A couple of weeks ago my parents asked me to take videos of my kids on the ice rink.  I had posted one earlier on facebook, but not here.  So I decided I better go and do it before the rink melts away . . . (Slightly related:  my parents are safely back in the states!  I talked to them briefly yesterday and they were exhausted from being up for 30 hours.  Hopefully they can adjust well to MST soon!)

And I'll probably post ALL the videos I took.  Sorry.  But I want them.  I think by video #4 or so my voice is quite exasperated.  They boys were driving me nuts.  (Actually, the videos are all out of order once I uploaded them.  Oh well - can you guess what was originally video #4.)  It seems like not only do our bodies need a warm-up, but so do the emotions.  They cooled off as we played more and more.

I'm gonna miss this rink!


erinmalia said...

i'm confused. why is it going away?

emily said...

well we've had warmer temps. like mid-30s to even low-40s. but we've also had some very mild nights - like lows 20s. those 2 combos just make puddles on the ice. it's frozen again and we have lows back in the teens for at least another 5 days, so we should be okay for a bit!

erinmalia said...

yeah, but even if it melts, it's only february...won't it freeze again?