Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Miles in stitches. . .

Well, just about.  :)  It happened on Monday when the kids were out of school and our backyard neighbors came over to play on the rink.  Well the 3 boys (7, 8, and 15ish) came up with "Zombie Tag," or something close to that.  It's basically tag, but when you're "it" you have your eyes closed.  Skates + ice + eyes closed + tag = something bad.

Miles came in crying a little bit.  I looked at his eye - hmmmm, does it need stitches or not, I thought?  It was clearly split, but not so very deep.  Ben called a little bit later and I asked him about it.  He didn't care as much since Miles was a boy and boys can have scars - at least that is what I took from the conversation I had with Ben. :I told him I still want my boys to beautiful.  :)  He said he'd bring home some steri-stips and we'd assess then.

When Ben got home we put on the steri-strips and Miles was nicknamed "Franken-eye" by Jonas.  Miles was really quite "proud" of his scar and the first thing he said when he saw his friend Kevin at school the next day was, "Look at my eye!  I got hurt!"

Pictures:  (please excuse the "I am a 2-year old trying on my mommy's lipstick face."  Miles, while being the oldest, is probably also the messiest eater of all my kids.)

Needless to say, Zombie Tag is now outlawed on the rink.


Nicole said...

Oh no! Another boo boo for your kids :( He looks a bit proud of the battle scar though!

erinmalia said...

haha. the best part of this is that miles is a messy eater...at almost 9 years old! hahaha. glad no stitches were required.

Angie Hawkes said...

I agree with erin, great pic. I certainly smiled.

Emily said...

Laughed out loud at your "mommy's lipstick" comment- too funny! I'm sorry that he had to get a little hurt, but tape is WAY better than having a needle, so that's good!

I'm happy the rink is so fun and gets so much use, but yes, I'd agree that Zombie Tag should be out!

courtney said...

i don't see any way that a tiny scar could ruin that beautiful face! what a handsome little guy. :)