Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Skiing in Silverton

This is our third year taking our ski trip to Silverton.  If we didn't have to drive Red Mountain Pass the whole adventure would be practically perfect.  This year was amazing because the boys were on their own - riding the ski lift by themselves (totally by themselves - we don't trust them riding it together!) and skiing down on their own as well.  It was awesome for everyone.


 Cute Lucy at the lodge.  She hates wearing snow gloves and boots and a snow-suit.  And a hat.  That girl.  The first chance she has to take it off, she does.

 Cute Lucy at the "cabin-house," as the kids called it.  It's not a cabin at all, but whatever . . .

 The second day of skiing (for everyone else).  It was bright - thank goodness for the sunshine, though, because the high was like 15.  But with the blessed sunshine, it was just fine.  Luckily, also, I found these sunglasses for me in the car (my dad gave them to Ben.  They are so my dad.).  I also found Lucy's in the car.  Yay.

 Lucy getting pulled around in a sled.

 Lucy and I did a lot of sledding.  It was totally fun.  We always rocked it and made it down the entire hill - but then that meant a long haul all the way back up.  I got hot!

 Lucy loved her shades and wouldn't even take them off inside the lodge.  She's awesome.

Lucy even got to try out the ice rink there!  This is her first time on ice skates.  She thoroughly impressed Ben by being able to stand and walk a little bit on them.  So fun!


Emmy did great!  She started the first day on a ski-harness and then was doing well enough that Ben took it off and let her ski freely.  Although we do have some little clip-thingy that goes on the ski-tips that were life-savers.  Emmy just got better and better and better.  The last run on the last day was her best, said Ben.  She followed Ben down the entire hill, turning and all.  She loved it and just went and went and went.  Every time she got on the ski lift with Ben, she'd giggle.  She loved riding the lift!  What a cutie.

Part of Jonas' tradition with our ski trip is being sick.  Poor kid!  I was so bummed on Sunday when he told me he wasn't feeling good and that his stomach was hurting.  Nooooo.  He'd had a cough that wasn't getting any better either. . . and in fact got a little worse in Silverton (he coughed on and off the entire night, but luckily he slept through most of it . . . probably not his best sleep, but it could have been worse).  But he still did awesome.  On his first run he just zoomed right on down - fast and slick.  He scared us a little because he thinks he's soooo good.  Luckily he fell a couple of times to humble himself and to teach him some caution.  :)

 In most every picture Jonas just doesn't look happy.  But he did love it and just wanted to keep going, even though he was literally running on empty since he was hardly eating .  But we didn't make him get out and ski, and frankly we thought we shouldn't let him ski.  But we did and he truly loved it - though he doesn't look it.

 See how miserable he looks?  He was cold, too, at this point.  But he took a break and then went back skiing.

 Now he was finally done.  Two hard days of skiing + not feeling good = a tired, sweet-looking boy.  He still has good memories, though - even here when I asked if he had fun, he replied, "Yes!  Skiing is so fun."  Oh good.

Miles was so great.  Now Jonas has more natural abilities and was always a little faster, but Miles was more in-control of his skiing and cautious.  He did great and just loved it.  He just kept going and going and going. Each day wanting to get in another run or 2 when everybody else was done.  It was great watching him love it.  He even did one of the more "advanced" runs - going down the face of the mountain - a few times.

 After the first day of skiing Ben and I skated together on the ice rink.  It was pretty fun.  The kids were all in the car warming up and listening to Frog and Toad.  Then we got to our house and got dinner ready, ate, the boys read their 20 minutes, and then we watched our movie.  The Mighty Ducks.  Too bad there was a lot of the use of "hell" and some other curse words.  Luckily my kids don't really know what the "swear words" are.

 Yes, it's kind of a funny picture of me.  But this is what happens when you go running for 40 minutes in 0-degree (or was it -1?) temperature.  Check out the frost on my eyelids - so cool.  The frost on my face?  Not as cool-looking.

The end of the second day.  Getting ready to go in to the lodge for some hot-cocoa before the trek home.  Where is Miles?  Doing his last two runs on the ski hill, of course.


erinmalia said...

oh man, i think this is so cool that you guys do this! one year we should join you. :)

emily said...

erin - i thought the exact same thing earlier! i think you'd love it.

Nicole said...

So fun!! Yes, I'm definitely jealous too! Impressed you took them ALL!

Emily said...

My goodness, you'll all be pro in no time!! Looks like the day was a success!

courtney said...

oh skiing. perhaps i needed a ski harness when i learned? i could probably still use one. so glad you guys and fun! it looks like a great tradition. (our kids love frog and toad, too.) :)