Tuesday, January 08, 2013


Super bed!  I'm not sure who came up with that name - me?  the big kids?  or Lucy?  So I found THIS on pinterest and totally wanted to do it for Lucy.  I mean, come on, the poor girl has slept in the laundry room for almost 2 1/2 years - in a pack 'n play.  She's never had a crib!  So anyways when I saw that pack 'n play turned into something more fun I knew it would be a fun thing for Lucy.  (Who knew how excited my other kids would be, too!?  They all had to rush and see it after I cut out the mesh on one side.  And Emmy kept lamenting, "I want a super bed!")

 Lucy does love it!

 Cozy and cute (it may not be as cute as what I saw online, but oh well . . .  I couldn't peak it in the middle as the picture showed.  Supposedly the mobile was underneath it giving it the lift, but our mobile just fell over so she gets a flat-top :).  She's been good about not getting out too much.  One night she got out after about 45 minutes of sleeping.  She was convinced it was "wake-up time" and wanted to go and eat breakfast.  She was not happy when I put her back to bed, but she didn't get out.  She'll get out in the morning time when everyone else is up and making some noise.  Once she got out after a not-long-enough nap and this was the result:
It wasn't pretty.  She was so unreasonable (yes, I know kids are, but this was even worse!) and had about 5 things she was attempting to hold and every time one dropped, all calamity broke loose again.  I can't remember what changed her mood but all of sudden! she was fine and dandy and life could go on pleasantly again.  Oh good.

So a super bed for a super-girl and a sometimes super-tantrum-throwing-2-year old!


Angie Hawkes said...

a memorable post indeed!

erinmalia said...

she is so cute! and the bed looks great. hooray for lucy and her super bed.

Nicole said...

genius! i love it!

Emily said...

I have seen these on pinterest!! Way to be and try it out :) It looks great, I'm happy that Lucy loves it!

courtney said...

can't believe she is 2 1/2! in my mind, she is still brand new. love the super bed!