Monday, February 25, 2013

Down and Derby

(No, we didn't watch the movie Down and Derby, but I like the name and so I stole it for my post.)

 This was Miles' first pinewood derby.  Miles really enjoyed planning out his car and working on it.  He drew out some design plans and got to work on it with Ben.  He named it the Diamond and had to glue on a crystal rock for its full-effects.  Awesome.  He did a pretty good job painting it and was super pleased with himself.  :)

 Anxiously watching his car zoom down the track!

Wahoo, his car got first in this run.  They were able to race their cars many times.  There were 11 kids/cars there that night.  Miles ended up placing 4th overall.  So that was pretty good, we think.  Miles was totally content with that.  Every race he was either 1st or 2nd (out of 3!), but that was sure exciting for him.  The cubs were all just so cute and excited and eager to simply watch their car go down the track.  Sure, they wanted 1st.  But they were also just so excited about racing their car that it wasn't a bummer if they didn't get 1st.  At least that is what it seemed like.

It was just a bunch of cute boys watching their cars race down the track.  Fun times.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

R is for . . .

On Tuesday, R was for reptiles.  Today, R was for rainbows.  It was my week for school and we had a lot to do.  Hopefully the girls had fun, too.

 After a bunch of other activities and books, we made rainbow cookies, that I found here.  The girls did a really great job mixing the color in the dough, shaping their dough into marble-sized (or not) balls, then taking one marble-sized (or not) ball from each color and rolling it in to one ball, then "snaking" that ball, and finally spiraling up the snake-dough for the final step before we baked them (did you follow that? :).  Whooah, that was a lot - but, like I said, they each did a really great job.  They turned out cute, too.

 Lucy is ever-present at our preschool (except on Tuesday when her screaming demands were enough and so I took her up to her room.  Amazingly, she just stayed there for like 15 minutes until I went to get her!).

 Sweet Emmy with her sweet cookie.

We also worked a little on graphing.  Their "homework" was to make the graph again at home and tell their parents about it.  So before I let Emmy eat the {fake} Fruit-Loops, I had her make the graph.  She was a little off, but did pretty good and did good in telling me how many of each color without counting, what had the most, the least, etc.  Fun times.

Of course when I asked Emmy what her favorite thing we did in in preschool was, she answered:  "Playing!"

Go figure.

Friday, February 15, 2013


Kidzplex is a place in Grand Junction that is pretty much a glorified McDonald's play-place.  But my kids LOVE it so much!  It's crazy how much my 2 year-old up to my 8-almost-9 year-old love it alike.

We went up a year ago with my good friend Csilla and her 2 boys and since she's moving next week (boohoo!) we thought it would be fun to go one more time together.  So we went today.  One awesome thing is that we get to carpool since we both have Honda Pilots that fit all 8 of us.  So fun.  So I drove last year and she drove today (since Ben has our car in Littleton).

We all had a great, great time.  It's pretty much always great being with Csilla and our kids just played and played and played.  For 4 hours!  Of course there were many food-breaks - because man can those kids eat after playing there!

 One of Lucy's favorite things to do there:  the zip-line.  She did it tons.  And by herself - of course.  She bawled the times Jonas and Miles helped her fall off.

 Random picture of who knows what.

 I'm not sure what game was being played, but I'm sure it was fun.

 Yep, Lucy loved it.  Beforehand, she was so excited about "Kidzplex!" because the siblings were.  But of course she didn't remember it.  So I was glad it lived up to her expectations.  :)

Miles:  "Mom, take my picture."  Then he went in to some lengthy explanation of being up high.  That's my Miles.

I can't believe I didn't get any pictures of one of everyone's favorite parts:  the ball pit.  The love it.

I'm glad we went for 2 reasons:  I got to visit and hang-out with Csilla all day (and chase after our kiddos, too, of course) and the kids just loved it all.  Good stuff.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


It was a busy day full of lots of Valentiney activities, then just the activities of life as well.  Like baking bread. Attending parent-teacher conferences.  Making dinner.  Dishes.  And so on.

But we did get a lot of fun stuff done, too.  I did the girls' hair in heart-shapes.  They turned out pretty cute:

We started the day with a dessert after breakfast, of course.  Sucker!

I don't really have any other pictures of the day.  Emmy went to her preschool and loved it (of course).  Lucy and I started making bread (actually, Lucy hid in Emmy's room while I grinded the wheat - it is loud!).  We then went to the library and randomly chose some book-on-CDs for Ben to listen to on his drive to Littleton.  I wonder if he liked any of them????

The boys were done with school after lunch.  While the girls napped (Emmy is still tired from her cold-sickness) we made soft-pretzels.  I used Ben's favorite recipe and we tried to make them in to hearts (some kept shaped, others didn't).  We even sprinkled them with dyed sugar crystals.  We gave some to neighbors, the boys' teachers, the office staff at school, Ben, and ourselves.  The kids LOVED them.  They are good.

Ben got home and got ready to leave as we got ready to head back to school for conferences.  I ended up leaving a few minutes before Ben.  Conferences were fine.  My boys, though not perfect, are good kids.  And smart.  But I've got to figure out how I can teach Miles to focus (well, focus on something that is not of his choice.  He's got some crazy-good focusing skills - on those tasks/activities of his choosing.).

After that was dinner and the yummy sherbet drink.  Then we played some "Cupid's arrows" and the kids totally got in to it.  I was even able to finish up the dishes while they played and played.  Even little Lucy finally got the hang of it and loved it.

We finished the evening with another treat I had made - a simple 2-ingredient "strawberry fudge" heart.  And watching another Olive Us video.  My kids' favorite.  They are simple and so sweet.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


So my sister sent me this link to a cool Star Wars valentines.  I showed Jonas and he was super excited.  Then I remembered we had a great Halloween picture of him as Luke Skywalker and maybe I could use that.  Once I decided on that, I looked up Harry Potter valentines on Pinterest.  This is what I found.  Pretty cute and I definitely liked the genuine "Harry Potter" font.  Anyways, this is what I came up with:

 Sorry, I couldn't get the glare off the valentines.  But it's cute, huh?  (Just in case you don't get it, like maybe my parents wouldn't? . . . Miles is Harry Potter.  Riding a Nimbus 2000 or something like that - a fancy broomstick that Harry has in the books.)

 I was super pleased with Jonas', too.  I just love them.  :)  I just made a slit with a super-sharp razor-blade and Jonas stuck up the pixie-stick, i.e., Light-Saber.  Cool, huh?  It was totally cheap and fairly simple - especially because I used my sister to format the pictures side-by-side on a 4x6 print.  It made it super cheap for printing.

The boys were excited about them, too.  Although Jonas did say something like, "Don't say 'love' on my school ones."  Sorry, bud, too late.  I did think of that, too - but too late as well!

Ben has to drive to Littleton on V-day, so we won't be doing much as a couple.  But hopefully the kids and I can do a few fun V-day activities.  I'm thinking we might try and make these (sans red salt since I don't have any!) and deliver them to the boys' teachers when we go for Parent-Teacher Conferences in the afternoon.  (The boys have a 1/2 day of school.)  These would be fun to make with the girls!  Maybe play this cute game (scroll down until you see "Cupids Arrows").  And Emmy would love this hair-style if I can pull it off with her thin and short hair!  Oh, and make this yummy drink for a special after-dinner treat.

I saw this a while ago and decided to do it.  I started on Feb. 1st and each day I put up a heart on the kids' door with something that I love about them or why I love them, etc.  I even did it for Ben.  The kids all really like it - but Emmy especially.  Every morning she asks, "What does mine say?!"  And then when I tell her, she gets a sweet dreamy happy look on her entire face.  It's so precious.  And guess what?  On Feb. 8th I got 8 hearts stuck in my room for me . . . from Ben.  It made me so happy.  :)  Miles even made hearts up for everyone one night.  I think it's a tradition that I'll do every year now.

Anyways, I have lots of ambition for the day, but we'll see what I actually do . . .

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Miles' luck

Miles just has this "luck" that just comes to him.  It's crazy.  This has happened, this "luck," many times over the years.  Today was just another example.  There was this "Cup Stacking Competition" at their school this morning.  It was the first of its kind here.  The boys have talked about cup stacking that they get to do in P.E.  Miles had begged for some cups and I would ask him, "Why can't I buy cheap plastic cups from the store?"  Now I understood.  This cup stacking stuff is serious business and I was so super impressed as I watched these kids practice.  There are different styles of stacking.  Jonas competed in the 3-3-3 competition.  Miles did the 3-3-3 and the 3-6-3.  They were grouped in age groups:  K+1st, 2nd+3rd, and 4th+5th graders.  During the week Miles really, really wanted to win 3rd prize.  That's right - not 1st, not 2nd, but 3rd.  And why 3rd?  Because the prize was the miniature stacking cups.  And Miles loves everything tiny.  I wasn't sure if any of my kids would win anything after I saw the competition!  Luckily the boys both won "door prizes" and so that relieved some of the pressure.  Jonas ended up not winning anything.  And Miles?  Of course - he won 3rd place in the 3-6-3!  Of course!  That kid and his luck.

Miles and his prize.