Monday, February 25, 2013

Down and Derby

(No, we didn't watch the movie Down and Derby, but I like the name and so I stole it for my post.)

 This was Miles' first pinewood derby.  Miles really enjoyed planning out his car and working on it.  He drew out some design plans and got to work on it with Ben.  He named it the Diamond and had to glue on a crystal rock for its full-effects.  Awesome.  He did a pretty good job painting it and was super pleased with himself.  :)

 Anxiously watching his car zoom down the track!

Wahoo, his car got first in this run.  They were able to race their cars many times.  There were 11 kids/cars there that night.  Miles ended up placing 4th overall.  So that was pretty good, we think.  Miles was totally content with that.  Every race he was either 1st or 2nd (out of 3!), but that was sure exciting for him.  The cubs were all just so cute and excited and eager to simply watch their car go down the track.  Sure, they wanted 1st.  But they were also just so excited about racing their car that it wasn't a bummer if they didn't get 1st.  At least that is what it seemed like.

It was just a bunch of cute boys watching their cars race down the track.  Fun times.


erinmalia said...

pinewood derby? cub scouts? you're such an OLD mom now. :)

emily said...

3 more years and he'll be a deacon!

Emily said...

I've never heard of the movie Down and Derby.

The pinewood derby looks like a lot of fun! I'd say 4th out of 11 is awesome! Way to go!

Nicole said...

Very impressive taking 4th! nice!

Angie Hawkes said...

Oh the cub life. Don't know if I'll ever know it other than being a leader but it is a fun time. Congrats on the race!