Friday, February 15, 2013


Kidzplex is a place in Grand Junction that is pretty much a glorified McDonald's play-place.  But my kids LOVE it so much!  It's crazy how much my 2 year-old up to my 8-almost-9 year-old love it alike.

We went up a year ago with my good friend Csilla and her 2 boys and since she's moving next week (boohoo!) we thought it would be fun to go one more time together.  So we went today.  One awesome thing is that we get to carpool since we both have Honda Pilots that fit all 8 of us.  So fun.  So I drove last year and she drove today (since Ben has our car in Littleton).

We all had a great, great time.  It's pretty much always great being with Csilla and our kids just played and played and played.  For 4 hours!  Of course there were many food-breaks - because man can those kids eat after playing there!

 One of Lucy's favorite things to do there:  the zip-line.  She did it tons.  And by herself - of course.  She bawled the times Jonas and Miles helped her fall off.

 Random picture of who knows what.

 I'm not sure what game was being played, but I'm sure it was fun.

 Yep, Lucy loved it.  Beforehand, she was so excited about "Kidzplex!" because the siblings were.  But of course she didn't remember it.  So I was glad it lived up to her expectations.  :)

Miles:  "Mom, take my picture."  Then he went in to some lengthy explanation of being up high.  That's my Miles.

I can't believe I didn't get any pictures of one of everyone's favorite parts:  the ball pit.  The love it.

I'm glad we went for 2 reasons:  I got to visit and hang-out with Csilla all day (and chase after our kiddos, too, of course) and the kids just loved it all.  Good stuff.

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erinmalia said...

aw, goodbye csilla! emily will miss you. :(