Saturday, February 09, 2013

Miles' luck

Miles just has this "luck" that just comes to him.  It's crazy.  This has happened, this "luck," many times over the years.  Today was just another example.  There was this "Cup Stacking Competition" at their school this morning.  It was the first of its kind here.  The boys have talked about cup stacking that they get to do in P.E.  Miles had begged for some cups and I would ask him, "Why can't I buy cheap plastic cups from the store?"  Now I understood.  This cup stacking stuff is serious business and I was so super impressed as I watched these kids practice.  There are different styles of stacking.  Jonas competed in the 3-3-3 competition.  Miles did the 3-3-3 and the 3-6-3.  They were grouped in age groups:  K+1st, 2nd+3rd, and 4th+5th graders.  During the week Miles really, really wanted to win 3rd prize.  That's right - not 1st, not 2nd, but 3rd.  And why 3rd?  Because the prize was the miniature stacking cups.  And Miles loves everything tiny.  I wasn't sure if any of my kids would win anything after I saw the competition!  Luckily the boys both won "door prizes" and so that relieved some of the pressure.  Jonas ended up not winning anything.  And Miles?  Of course - he won 3rd place in the 3-6-3!  Of course!  That kid and his luck.

Miles and his prize.


erinmalia said...

ooooh, are we to see a movie on cup stacking now? do it miles!

emily said...

i guess he already has made one - but it's not a stop-motion movie, just of him stacking. i want him to make a stop-motion one and then maybe i'll post them! good thinking!

Niederfam said...

oh mitt would SO love the cup stacking challenge. WAY TO GO Miles!!!