Thursday, February 21, 2013

R is for . . .

On Tuesday, R was for reptiles.  Today, R was for rainbows.  It was my week for school and we had a lot to do.  Hopefully the girls had fun, too.

 After a bunch of other activities and books, we made rainbow cookies, that I found here.  The girls did a really great job mixing the color in the dough, shaping their dough into marble-sized (or not) balls, then taking one marble-sized (or not) ball from each color and rolling it in to one ball, then "snaking" that ball, and finally spiraling up the snake-dough for the final step before we baked them (did you follow that? :).  Whooah, that was a lot - but, like I said, they each did a really great job.  They turned out cute, too.

 Lucy is ever-present at our preschool (except on Tuesday when her screaming demands were enough and so I took her up to her room.  Amazingly, she just stayed there for like 15 minutes until I went to get her!).

 Sweet Emmy with her sweet cookie.

We also worked a little on graphing.  Their "homework" was to make the graph again at home and tell their parents about it.  So before I let Emmy eat the {fake} Fruit-Loops, I had her make the graph.  She was a little off, but did pretty good and did good in telling me how many of each color without counting, what had the most, the least, etc.  Fun times.

Of course when I asked Emmy what her favorite thing we did in in preschool was, she answered:  "Playing!"

Go figure.


erinmalia said...

so adorable. i love that they're all girls. what is emmy wearing?

emily said...

a dress-up dress - belle, from beauty and the beast. :)

Emily said...

You run such a great pre-school!! What fun games and activities! I love it!

Nicole said...

That is so fun. Wish I had neighbors who would want to do that! Or that I lived close and could send them to you :) ha