Thursday, February 14, 2013


It was a busy day full of lots of Valentiney activities, then just the activities of life as well.  Like baking bread. Attending parent-teacher conferences.  Making dinner.  Dishes.  And so on.

But we did get a lot of fun stuff done, too.  I did the girls' hair in heart-shapes.  They turned out pretty cute:

We started the day with a dessert after breakfast, of course.  Sucker!

I don't really have any other pictures of the day.  Emmy went to her preschool and loved it (of course).  Lucy and I started making bread (actually, Lucy hid in Emmy's room while I grinded the wheat - it is loud!).  We then went to the library and randomly chose some book-on-CDs for Ben to listen to on his drive to Littleton.  I wonder if he liked any of them????

The boys were done with school after lunch.  While the girls napped (Emmy is still tired from her cold-sickness) we made soft-pretzels.  I used Ben's favorite recipe and we tried to make them in to hearts (some kept shaped, others didn't).  We even sprinkled them with dyed sugar crystals.  We gave some to neighbors, the boys' teachers, the office staff at school, Ben, and ourselves.  The kids LOVED them.  They are good.

Ben got home and got ready to leave as we got ready to head back to school for conferences.  I ended up leaving a few minutes before Ben.  Conferences were fine.  My boys, though not perfect, are good kids.  And smart.  But I've got to figure out how I can teach Miles to focus (well, focus on something that is not of his choice.  He's got some crazy-good focusing skills - on those tasks/activities of his choosing.).

After that was dinner and the yummy sherbet drink.  Then we played some "Cupid's arrows" and the kids totally got in to it.  I was even able to finish up the dishes while they played and played.  Even little Lucy finally got the hang of it and loved it.

We finished the evening with another treat I had made - a simple 2-ingredient "strawberry fudge" heart.  And watching another Olive Us video.  My kids' favorite.  They are simple and so sweet.


erinmalia said...

the hair turned out so cute! do you think rhett would like those "olive us" videos? i haven't watched them yet, even though i mean to every time she posts a new one.

Emily said...

I agree, their hair is darling! I only wish Elise would every let me even touch her hair...maybe then she'd have some cute things done! Sounds like you managed to get a lot of fun things done in your day!

Angie Hawkes said...

What kind of wheat grinder do you use? Electric I assume. I'm thinking of converting to making my own bread, rather than purchase and don't know where to begin. Love the girl's hair by the way!

Nicole said...

Love the hair!! I attempted the one you did on Lucy on my Ali, but I guess her hair is so fine that it wouldn't stay :( oh well!

Fun day!

Niederfam said...

seriously adorable and so creative both the olive us video and the hair-do's!!! i gotta up my game, BIG time! ;)