Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Video Contest

So I got an email from my sis one day saying, "You're doing this, right?"  I hadn't seen the link/suggestion she was referring to, so I checked it out.  The link was to a video contest by Design Mom.   And since I'm the little sis and still obey my older sis (Erin:  would you rather be referred as my "older sister" or "big sister"?  Or just sister.  :) I did it.  Yes, I wanted to do it, too.  But I do wonder if I would have done it if my sister had not asked me about it.  I'm super happy she did, though.  The video was fun to make - except when it wasnt.  :)  No, I don't think we'll win.  Yes, I think it was still worth doing.

Here is the link to the video, posted via youtube:



erinmalia said...

omygosh. soooo many things to say! first, that was awesome. i loved it. your kids are so cute. the music was great, the coloring great and little lucy was such a good sport. i'm so glad you did it! now come out here and make one for my family.

oh, and since i'm bigger in all senses, feel free to call me your bigger, older sister. :) i'm lucky to have such a cooler, littler, younger sis.

emily said...

thanks, sis. it's fun for us to watch. :)

you're hardly bigger, taller yes, though! i should call you my taller sister. :)

Angie Hawkes said...

I think Lucy steals the show! Your video is really great.

Niederfam said...

AMAZING. really and truly. LOVE it! the color the music, the stars of the show, but yes, i think lucy might be my favorite too!

FANTASTIC, when do you have the time and the know how! IMPRESSIVE.

Debbie said...

That is just awesome! You and Ben are creating such great memories for your kiddos. They are all so cute and Lucy is just adorable. I also love Miles checking out the dry cracked mud. Gotta investigate all those cool things! Love you guys.