Saturday, March 02, 2013

Byebye Ice Rink

Today was definitely the last day of the ice rink - luckily it was frozen this morning and so there was one last skate.  The kids had a blast this morning!

The missionaries came over at 11 and helped Ben for about an hour in taking down the roof of the rink.  The kids are now having a grand old time breaking up the rink.

We'll miss this rink and I'm sure we'll be so anxious next winter to put it up again!

 Miles wanted me to take his picture.  Okay.

 The cute gang of ice-skaters.  Love them!

The "Gorilla-On-The-Ice" game is just . . . gosh I don't know.  I don't have words for it.  But I think it's awesome.

And let's now go to this afternoon:
 A very slushy rink (at least on the east side)!  The kids are having a blast out there.  I have absolutely no qualms about Emmy's outfit - I was just happy to see her put rain boots on after wearing her ballet shoes out there for the first 10+ minutes.

So fascinating!  The ice either froze or melted this way - in tiny tube-shapes.  You probably can't tell too well from the photo, but that chunk of ice is made up of at least 100 or so tubes.  Crazy awesome.


erinmalia said...

wow. what is more fun? skating or destroying?

courtney said...

can't believe the ice rink is done for the season! at least you made the most of it. :)