Monday, March 04, 2013

Miscellaneous Monday

I think the greatest time to weigh myself is Monday morning:  Post-Fast Sunday and Post-Working Out.  Yay!

 Jonas is finally Star of the Week in his 1st grade class.  All year they have picked out a name for the Star of the Week.  I thought it just meant you got to put up a poster about yourself, but I learned this morning from Jonas that there is more to it.  Things like writing on the board, etc.  A little over a month ago there were just a few kids left that hadn't gotten their name picked yet.  So the odds for Jonas getting picked were getting better.  Then a new kid came, etc.  Finally it came down to Jonas and one other kid (a new one).  Jonas was soooo hoping he'd get to be last.  And last he got - which is extra special because then he gets to have his poster up and be Star of the Week for TWO weeks.  Bonus!  He loves his poster.  I had gone through some pictures and had them printed at Walmart.  Jonas wanted every single one on his poster, but there were about 5 that just wouldn't fit.  I think he put plenty on there.  :)  I love it.  I love that Jonas' favorite picture is him holding Baby Lucy.  :)  So Jonas.

When did she grow up?  Sheesh.  She was putting on a gymnastics show and afterwards would give me a cone full of cork-board brownies.  Lucky me!

I've been drinking Almond Milk (the vanilla & sweetened type - which only has 3 more grams of sugar than regular milk and is 2000% yummier) for the past month.  It's "mommy's milk" as I have called it as I don't want to share.  I'm awesome like that (but I do let Ben have drinks of it at times . . .the kids don't seem too interested in it anyways).  Ben thought we should call it something else so as to not confuse it with actual mommy's milk.  Ha.

Miles' birthday is Saturday and my parents will be coming - it's been forever since we've seen them (except for via Skype) since their mission to Japan and so everyone's excited!  I'm super pleased with the gifts I've gotten for Miles.  Just this morning I was telling him, "Miles, you're growing up.  So you don't have really too many toys for your birthday."  Miles responded with, "I like books!"  Good, gotcha some.


Happy Monday!


Nicole said...

Yay! So glad your parents are coming. I'm bummed I wasn't able to get up to their homecoming since my dad was being ordained bishop! Loved the cute pics of your kids. Bring on spring and summer!!

erinmalia said...

yes, i too think almond milk needs a new name. why not just "almond milk?" ha.

i love weighing myself after my long runs on saturday.

i love the girls' toe pointing. so fancy.

emily said...

yeah, the kids know it's almond milk, but i wanted to make it possessive. :) so, how about "mom's almond milk." perfect!

yes, their pointed toes are so lovely!

Niederfam said...

perfect weigh in time! YAY so excited for you to see your parents. SO fun, and long overdue. ;)