Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Peas in a Pod

These girls are the best of friends.  And by that I mean they love to play with each other (sometimes) and they also love to make each other mad.  Lucy really couldn't have gotten a better big sister.  Emmy is not perfect and has plenty of faults (mostly related to her being a child).  But being a sister is somewhere that she shines.  It's wonderful to watch Emmy interact with Lucy.  Now Lucy is fun and Emmy is indeed lucky to have Lucy as a little sister.  But Lucy (mostly related to her being TWO) isn't quite as grand when it comes to sisterhood as Emmy.  She can be bossy.  She can be rude.  She can be demanding.  But she is a hoot and I guess that makes up for a lot.

I love these girls.  Lots.


Emily said...

Such cute girls too :)

erinmalia said...

hmmm....sounds like another younger sister i know! kidding. like i really remember you at 2.5.

Niederfam said...

ahhhh.......when i read posts like this and think about how much i LOVE my sisters, i feel bad emery will not have one, but you know, no guarantee she would and we'll I'm DONE. ;)