Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Birthday Weekend

We started the celebration early as my parents arrived on Friday afternoon.  The boys didn't know they would be here that soon and they were surprised to see them picking them up from school.  Jonas just ran and jumped up on my mother and gave her a huge hug.  It was cute.  Miles' teacher came out right before Miles and when she saw my folks she said, "Oh I've heard all about you!"
My parents had a bunch of cute, little things from Japan for all the kids.  It was like a min-birthday for everyone.  Here's Jonas sporting the nifty headband the boys both got - my mom prompted him to do the peace-sign.  :)

That night, after dinner, we decided to play the flour-game with my parents.  We had played it before on a FHE night and thought it would be fun with my parents.  The first time we played, we played with an almond on top.  Oh, maybe I should explain the game first.  You make a flour-mound and place an object on the top of the mound.  Then everyone takes a turn cutting the flour - if you make the object fall down then you have to dig in to the flour (sans hands) and retrieve the object with your mouth.  So when we used an almond it wasn't yucky and so the kids actually wanted to knock it down!  I had bought some wasabi peas at Walmart, thinking they would be good.  They were hideously disgusting!  I don't even think I bit in to it - I placed it in my mouth, promptly gagged and spit it out, then rinsed and rinsed out my mouth.  Then I thought, "This will be perfect for the flour-game!"  And it was.  Luckily for my dad, he was a good cutter and never knocked over a pea.

I love this picture!  Emmy had knocked over a pea and just ate it.  She didn't like it, but she did it!

Ooops, there goes Jonas!  So fun.  I didn't get a picture of my mom (she actually took these ones) - bummer!  She had to go digging in the flour for the pea.  But she was sneaky and hid the pea under her tongue until the game was over.  I tell ya, those peas are gross.

Ah, birthday morning!  Ben and I had got our own special treat and got to exercise together in the morning.  I ran, Ben biked with me.  It was great.  So Miles and the kids got up and ate with Grandma and Grandpa.  There's Miles with his special sugary cereal:  Cookie Crisp!

Miles got to open one present in the morning.  He choose one from G&G - a mini air-hockey table.  Fun!  Yes, Jonas may like it more than Miles, but it's a fun game and we all played it and had fun - including Miles.

We worked on Miles cake in the morning, too.  Ben helped.  It's a "rock cake."  We dug out/mined an area and placed rocks and pebbles and the sort.  I like how it turned out.  So did Miles.

Then at lunch-time Ben and I took Miles out.  We had planned on going to the sushi restaurant in town, Sushitini.  Miles had talked about, told his teacher all about it, etc.  I knew he wouldn't love the sushi, but he was really in to the "idea" of it and so I thought it would be fun.  Well we got to the restaurant and it was closed - despite the hours posted on the door saying it should have been opened.  I was so bummed!  Miles was too, but was definitely handling it well.  Ben decided that as we decided what to do and where to go instead, he'd run in to the grocery store and buy a pack of California Sushi Rolls.  So he did.  And Miles had one:
He tried to act like he liked them, but he really didn't.  He even gave the thumbs up sign, but we weren't convinced.  He declined a second one.  :)  We finally came up with the idea to go to Dragon Wall - a Chinese buffet place.  It even had a sushi bar and so Ben's first plate was loaded with sushi.  Miles tried one and we were glad we didn't go to Sushitini!

He had fun loading up his plates with whatever he wanted - mainly fried bread, garlic bread, and jello!  I don't know why he didn't try more because he's actually a good eater.  But oh well.  He had fun.  He did eat the fried fish a couple of times.  It was fun just being the three of us.

Then we came home, blasted off balloon rockets my parents had picked up (which were super cool and fun - but by Sunday afternoon I had had enough of them going off!  :).

Then we got to try out Montrose's new play-place.  It is the only place in town like it.  I hope it does well!  My kids sure had fun:
The air-gun blasters were definitely Jonas' favorite activity!  He spent tons of time in there.  Miles liked it, too.

The little car-slide was super fun for Lucy, too.  There were 3 bouncy-houses there:  one obstacle-course, one big slide, and one zip-line ride.  All were really fun.  I think Emmy loved the bouncy houses best.  Lucy was totally scared of them.  Not sure why?  Miles just liked it all.

Playing some foosball with G&G.

After that we came home to open up the rest of Miles' gifts.  He patiently waited while my dad and Ben went to fill up my dad's car with gas.  Then they finally came home and it was time!
He likes all of his gifts - yay!

We ate dinner (his choice:  elk pasties) and then started Ice Age 4 (his choice).  The movie was super great and super funny.  Truthfully, I wasn't too excited about watching it.  Miles had already seen it at school, but loved it and wanted everyone to watch it.  And we did.  And it was hilarious.  We took an "intermission" for some cake and ice-cream:
A cute, big kid with his cool cake!  We finished up the movie and then got everyone ready and off to bed.

Miles wanted me to take a picture of his lego AT-AT walker.  He was so happy about it - and its small size probably made it all the more lovable to Miles!

Usually I get the picture of birthday-kid walking through his streamers in the morning, but it didn't happen.  So I got it at night-time.  :)

It was a perfectly fun day!  I can't believe he's NINE!

P.S.  Just for fun, here's a video of the balloons:


erinmalia said...

i can't believe he's nine either. he totally looks it too. just think, in three years he'll be a deacon! crazy. glad you had fun. and fun to see mom and dad in pictures with you guys.

Angie Hawkes said...

Super post! The cake looked great and your folks do too.

courtney said...

i'm catching up again - i didn't know your parents came home! what an exciting surprise for your kids!

Niederfam said...

Success!!! Love all the stories and photos of your birthday weekend. My favorite is the part about him insisting he liked sushi, but declining the 2nd roll. ;)

Glad you were able to SEE you parents again and have them CLOSE.

Does it not totally boggle your mind to think in the same span (9 years) we will be sending our boys out on missions!!!! It's CraZy. Absolutely CrazY. The days are long, but the years fly by! ;)

Emily said...

Awesome cake and all the festivities look like a lot of fun-for everyone :) Happy birthday Miles!

Nicole said...

What a fun birthday! And how great that your parents got to be there too. loved the cake! nicely done!!