Saturday, March 09, 2013

To Miles on your Golden Birthday,

These letters are just getting harder for me.  One reason is because time is undoubtedly traveling at a faster pace these days.  I used to start these birthday letters like a week (at least) before your birthdays, have time to think about what I wanted to say, go back and edit, etc., etc.  Now it's less than 12 hours until your birthday and I just remembered I needed (and, yes, wanted) to write your letter.  Poor Jonas got a pathetic letter on his last birthday with a hopeful promise by me to write more.  I didn't.

Anyways, it's your golden birthday - you're turning 9 on the 9th!  Wahoo.  I hope you have such a splendid day and can feel the love I have for you.  I love celebrating birthdays and focusing on just one of my children.  Today that is YOU.  One of my birthdays gifts I give to you is that I will try my hardest to let you make all the noises you want - but only on your birthday.  Again, I'll try.

The gifts I (ahem, we, your dad and me) choose for you are gifts that represent who you are.  I'm really excited about them and think you will be, too.  Even though there is not any big gift, nor hardly any toys.  But you, like the rest of my kid-gang, don't play too much with toys.  You find household objects and create your own mess games.  It's creative.  But sometimes annoying ("Where is my ______?!"  Fill in the blank.).

You started the 3rd grade this year and I think it's been a big jump in your learning.  The focus of the other grades is basic math skills and reading.  By 3rd grade you now start reading not to learn how, but to learn.  It's neat.  You still read to read, of course!  By golly do you ever.  You really got in to the Harry Potter series at the beginning of the school year.  You read the first 4 of them pretty quickly.  Then I'm not sure what happened, but you just stopped.  Oh well, at least your reading did not stop.

You continue to be a smart, yet not the best-focused or organized, student.  Your teachers all like you.  We got to go to Yellowstone this past year and of course you loved it.  The little scientist in you was fascinated.  Especially by the small things.  Like the teeny-tiny geyser in front of Old Faithful ("Look, there goes Old Faithful!"  You:  "Yeah, but I wonder what the name of that tiny geyser in front of Old Faithful is called!?"  Splitcone, you asked the ranger.).  Mrs. Reich, your teacher, was just telling me that at school on Thursday you were in a group and doing your "science lesson" for the day.  It was on rocks, I think.  Mrs. Reich told me she leaned over to another student and said, "Miles knows more about this than me!"  So then Mrs. Reich had you teach for the next 15 minutes.  You are a sponge and soak up everything you read about - well, everything that interests you at least (which is still A TON since you pretty much are fascinated by everything!).

You were a great skier this year and got to do the lift and hills by yourself.  I was so impressed with you.  You were always the last kid on the mountain - just wanting to get one more run in.  I loved seeing that in you!  You also loved our ice-rink and had a lot of fun skating out there.  Yes, you needed steri-strips over your eyebrow once due to playing a "close-your-eyes-tag" game on the ice.  Not your brightest of moments. But that didn't stop you either.

You are an active kid - whether that's being active outside, in your room, or in the kitchen.  You always want to do.  But you only want to do what you want to do!  Okay, yes, most of us are like that.  But you really struggle with doing what someone else wants you to do.  I hope it's something you'll grow out of . . . ?

You began Cub Scouts this year and for the first 3/4 of it we (you and me) worked on it together.  The cubs were (are?) in a state of transition and so I had to really step up and help you with your achievements.  I liked working with you.  You were able to get them all done and thus earn your Wolf.  Awesome, Miles.  You got to participate in your very first Pinewood Derby and that was a joy.  You loved your car, you loved racing it, and you were super excited about its 4th-place ranking.

Well I better stop or Jonas will feel even more gypped (what, it's not j-i-p-p-e-d?  so weird!).

In summary, you are a neat kid.  Really neat.  You have very neat qualities about yourself.  Yet, you're not perfect and probably drive me more crazy than all my other kids (maybe even combined).  But I love you.  Lots.  I'm proud of you.  I'm proud that you're my son and that I get to be your mom.  You're fun.  You're exciting.  You're creative and smart.

Thanks for putting up with me.

I love you, Miles.