Friday, April 12, 2013

San Diego and More, 2013 (Last Part)

This part won't be much.  But I realized I forgot some simple things.

Like we headed back home Friday and got to St. George by the afternoon.  We quickly changed in to swimsuits and had a really fun time at the pool.  We then got out, got dressed in dry clothes, and headed to the movie theater.  We watched The Croods.  I thought it was super cute.  It was also super expensive and know we now why we've never been to the movies as a family!  The kids all liked it and it was Lucy's first time at the theater.  Fun.

Then we went and had Cafe Rio.  Long story, made short:  the line was HUGE.  I dropped Ben off with our order and we wondered around St. George and ended up at the Temple's Visitor Center.  It was nice.  Then we got Ben and drove home and ate on the patio.  Another 7:30 dinner!

Saturday we drove back home and were actually able to catch and listen (! with 4 kids in the car!) to the first session of General Conference.  Awesome.  We drove and drove and drove and made it home.

But my vacation summary just wouldn't be complete without mentioning the OkeeDokee Brothers.  Go check them out HERE.  I love them.  I had gotten one of their CDs for Miles' birthday and we had never listened to it all.  Until this trip.  We listened to them A LOT and hardly (if at all?) tired of them!  The kids would even start singing along as soon as certain songs came on ("M-I-double S-I-double-S-I-P-P-I").  The CD also came with a DVD that is just delightful, too.  Whenever we listen to that CD, I think we'll all be reminded of our wonderful trip!

The end.


erinmalia said...

yay for a good trip! first, i'm pretty sure this is a typo, but i love it, "know we now." i think it totally works.

second, why oh why will people (ahem, you) wait that long for cafe rio?!

Niederfam said...

Great pics, and looks like it was a GREAT & BUSY trip, Love it when you can make time to see friends too!

Thanks for the updates........I'm sure it was exhaustingly good FUN. ;)