Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Little Vacation to Littleton

Since we had a long weekend (made even longer since no surgeries were scheduled on Friday), we decided to go over to Littleton.  It had been long - too long!  So we headed out Friday morning and got there for lunch.

So that Friday afternoon, Ben and I went to the temple.  It was nice that Ben is my bishop seeing as I had forgotten my recommend . . .  So it was pretty easy to get in.  :)  We had a nice time there.  The kids had a lovely time at Grandma and Grandpa's - it's always especially fun when mom and dad aren't around.  Lucy did some dance/gymnastics show while we were gone:

Then after dinner we had another dance/gymnastics show by Lucy.  Plus, Emmy did a roller-blading show:

As well as Jonas:

For Miles' "show," he taught us about volcanoes and the such:

On Saturday morning the boys all went to Ft. Logan cemetery - a veterans' cemetery.  There are a bunch of boy scout troops that come and place flags at each grave.  So the boys got to help out with that.  Ben said they were there, did a few flags, and then all of sudden a swarm of troops came and all the flags were up!  He said it was pretty impressive.
 Miles placed the flag at his Great-Grandpa Miles' grave.  Pretty neat.  (Sorry about his face - but the one with flash, that shows his face, doesn't show the name on the tombstone.  And we all know what Miles looks like.  :)

 The boys.

This tombstone is Grandma Gwenn's - Jim's mother.

While the boys were doing that, we girls made and played with play-do.  Leanne (sp?), one of Diana's friends (and ours!), came over and brought some delicious donuts (Ben ate 3 that day!  3!).

Later that afternoon we let out the squirrel that Jonas had caught in his trap, went to Chatfield Reservior, and to the bike jumps:

 Of course Lucy had to do the bike jumps, too!

 Whoa, whoa!

 Whoops, a bike crash!  (The 2nd of the day - 1st one by Emmy.  But she was cool and got back on her bike - after some crying, of course.)

 Ouch!  That's definitely something to cry about if you're a kid!

 Miles wanted to go exploring, of course.

 We had a nice dinner that night out on the patio.  The kids table in the front!  And there we adults are in the back - me, Ben, Francis, Diana, and Great-Grandma Dee.

I don't know why I'm posting this picture, but here is Ben slicing up Francis' yummy pineapple-coconut cake.  I don't think Ben has ever eaten as much as he did this past weekend (lucky him though - he won't even show his gluttony.  So not fair!)

That night Ben and I went for a walk and then out to our favorite frozen yogurt place.  Sunday was at church and then that afternoon we watched some fun slides of Ben and his family way long ago.  After that was dinner and then Ben and I met up with some friends of ours that were there as well - we walked on the canal and visited.  It was really nice.  On Monday morning Ben and I got to get out again (thanks to our wonderful babysitters, Grandma and Grandpa) and go on a 30-mile bike ride.  It was so beautiful and lovely and nice.  Leanne came over again and that is just always a treat.  She's just a fun, fun gal and my kids love her so!  As soon as she walked in the back door (yep, she's that good of a friend that she can just enter through the back door!) Emmy ran over to her and gave her a hug.  She was also invited to come to our house sometime.  We hope so .  . . :)

Anyways, another great trip to see family.  Nobody really wanted to leave.  But real-life always calls us back . . . 


erinmalia said...

miles has the reddest lips! i swear i think he's wearing lipstick in every picture. :)

rollerblading? biking? that emmy puts rhett to shame. SHAME.

emily said...

i think it's because he is the world's messiest eater and i think he had just drank some red drink of some sort. :)

send rhett out here and emmy would love to teach him a thing or two - plus she really, really wants a playmate!

courtney said...

i wonder if i should stop reading your littleton posts? jealousy always takes over! :) looks like a really great trip. i'd love to go home again...

Nicole said...

how fun! looks like everyone had a great time! minus the boo boos :)

Niederfam said...

Emmy's little face in the pic showing her owie is ADORABLE. She is SO cute. They all are. DARLING.

Looks like a FUN time. I LOVE having Grandma and Grandpa's help any chance I get. Who doesn't? Oh and fro-yo, it's delicious too!!!

rebecca said...

I want my kids to join in on that awesome bike course! How fun!!! Lucy is amazing! Is she flipping forward or backward? Either way, I'm seriously impressed for such a young girl!