Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Goodbye 3rd and 1st grades . . .

 Well today is the last day of school for these boys.  (Yes, it was kind of a chilly morning - hence the jackets.)

Here's the school-walking crew.  Yes, sometimes we have extra babies that come along with us - usually in strollers, too.  Oh we are a sight to see.  Walking with these four+ takes us about 4xs as long to get to school than if it was just me.

Soon I will go to the school - for the 3rd time today - to pick up the boys.  The 3rd time because:  1st - to drop them off, 2nd - to attend the awards ceremony, and 3rd - to pick them up at noon.  It was a good year and my kids are pretty great students.

I went to Jonas' classroom for the class-awards, before the whole school awards assembly, and was able to see him get the Navigator award (everyone in his class got this - it means you didn't get any pink slips for that quarter), the Reader award (along with a few others), the Social Studies award (along with a few others), 3rd place in reading-days for the quarter, 3rd place in over-all reading days for the school year, perfect attendance for the quarter, and almost perfect attendance for the school year (he missed one day - the least of all his classmates).  Go Jo!  It/he was pretty awesome.

Anyways, I always get a little sad on the last day.  Not sad to have my kids home for the summer, but just sad that another school year is over.  We'll miss their wonderful teachers and all the good stuff that elementary school entails.  We'll still be there next year, of course, but it will be different.  Not necessarily bad, but different.  And that's what makes me sad.  A teacher who has wanted Miles in her class ever since he was a kindergartner, will not be returning to the school next year.  She taught 4th grade . . . Miles had finally made it and then she leaves.  So sad.  In fact, no 4th grade teachers are returning.  Big changes for next year, that's for sure.

Hopefully we can have a fun summer and not drive each other too crazy!  Happy Summer!


erinmalia said...

i'm still dying. chuck has four weeks left of school! what will you do with those kids for all that time?! :)

courtney said...

out of school already? that is great! i think they are in until the middle of june around here. sounds like a lot of changes headed your way for the next school year. glad you have a nice long summer to prep!

Niederfam said...

We are out too, CraZy. But I'm glad.........I really like having my kids home MOST of the time. ;)

BIG changes next year, hopefully the new 4th grade crew will be even better and any teacher will absolutely LOVE your kiddos, so not to worry.

Oh and THANKS for the advice on my blog....it's true they are resilient and honestly I probably took it harder in the end than he did. ;) Thanks.