Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Black Canyon Ascent is like . . .

childbirth.  That's right.  That was my analogy of the day:  running the Black Canyon Ascent was like childbirth.  How so?  Well, it's pretty darn painful!  It's a brutal, yet somewhat shorter of a run - 6 miles, but with a climb of 2,000 feet.  Yowzers.  Also, just like with childbirth, you forget the pain and do it all over again.

I ran it last year.  I will most likely run it next year.  (Childbirth is still the most painful of the two, of course!  Duh.)

I talked two of my friends into doing it with me.  They signed up to walk and so headed off at 7:30.  I waited around until 8, when the runners were to go.  (I ran in to my GOTR coaching budding, Coach Jessica Dahl, and Jonas' teacher, Mrs. Laurie Dodd, there, too!)

And it was hard.  So.  Very.  Hard.  Honestly, this is one of the hardest races I've done.  Harder than my long runs and maybe even my 1/2 marathons.  (Maybe not harder than my marathon - but that was so long ago I don't really remember!)  This is the only race where I have felt the great desire to walk (both times).  I have to greatly talk myself out of that.  Most other races that is not even an issue.  But this one.  Ugh.  In a good runner's way, of course.  :) There is no gradual uphill, nor gradual start.  Immediately you start up on a steep incline.  And you get no real relief until after the 5th mile.

At mile 5 was when I saw Ben and our carload of kids heading up the road.  Only 1 more mile, I said, I can do it!  It was fun and even a little energizing to see them.  I loved it.  As I got near the finish line, Lucy tried to run with me.  Cuteness.

So I still liked it - I liked it even more once I finished and got to eat MnMs, pretzels, and drink Gatorade.  Awesome.  My friends did great, too, and I don't even think they hate me!  We stayed for the awards and raffle drawings, and then headed out - perfect timing too as it started hailing on us as we walked to the car.  (Poor Emmy was going on like day who-knows-what of fevers and not feeling good.  Ben actually ended up taking her in this evening and she has an UTI.  Sweet thing.)

Here are my stats, just because it's fun:
Division place (female, 30-39):  4th out of 26
Overall place:  43rd out of 163
Gender place:  19th out of 113
That does include both runners and walkers.  I'm happy with it.

Kandace, me, and Jen.  Love them!

p.s.  Oh, my time was 1:11.  Just like last year!


Angie Hawkes said...

How fantastic! I mean what are the odds of you having the exact same time as last year? Once upon a time I ran small races, perhaps someday again. Way to go!

erinmalia said...

seriously so cool. i promise i will never do anything like this with you. i would curse the entire time.

Kandy Sue said...

I so can't wait until next year! Maybe I will run a bit more...maybe not. and of course I still {love} you and always will. Your the BEST!!

rebecca said...

Great job, Emily! I wish we could run together - we should run something in Utah sometime that we're both planning to be there. This race sounds brutal! How funny that you ended up with the same time as last year. Good luck on your half.

I love to read Erin's comments to you. Your relationship seems wonderful. Sisters are the best!

courtney said...

go you! this sounds like just the kind of torture that a runner would love. :)

Nicole said...

wow, that's amazing! well done! I have zero desire to do something like that! ha.

Niederfam said...

AWESOME. Yay you!!! I need to start putting things into my "race calendar" otherwise I'll just EAT my summer away!!! Thanks for the inspiration.....