Monday, May 20, 2013

This and That

Just some random things I finally took off of my camera:

Miles built these some Sundays ago.  Please do not watch if you experience problems with vertigo.  Even if you don't, you might after watching these.  Literally, I starting getting a little nauseous after the 4th video I had watched . . . 

The boys, with help from Aunt-e's Fort Kit she gave them for Christmas, made this fort (oh, and with help from their dad, too!) last Friday night and slept out:

Jonas learned how to play the "Family Home Evening" song on the piano.  He learned it rather quickly for a kid who has never taken a lesson in his life.  At least I think so.  Ben taught him.  I can't even play it looking at the notes . . . So cool for Jonas:


erinmalia said...

so crazy that this little person YOU created has created such cool things! and that song, never heard of it in my life. the fort is awesome. i still can't believe they sleep outside by themselves.

courtney said...

i don't know that i've ever heard the fhe song - go jonas!

Jay - Laura said...

I love it! We do not hear that song very often-except at our home and Maxwell reunions! Great job Jonas -and BEN :)