Sunday, June 09, 2013


This past school year the 3rd graders had to work on a state "probe."  I think that's what it was called.  Similar to a state report.  Miles' first choice was Alaska and he thinks he was the only one who wanted that state and so he got it (his other 2 choices were Maine and Wyoming).

I think he did an excellent job and wanted to showcase it.  :)

 So here is his project.  They had to do a report (stapled on), plus a nice border, draw the state (Miles was able to trace it), label the capitol, and draw the flag.  I think those were the requirements.

Here's a close-up of its awesomeness.  His border is the state tree, Sitka pine, and the state bird, Willow Ptarmigan.  I just adore how he wrote "Alaska."  The "A" is a mountain, the "l" is a pine tree, the little "a's" are lakes, the "s" is an earthquake fault, and the "k" is an oil digger.

I'm sure his Uncle Derek would have given him an A+++!


erinmalia said...

it is so cool! how fun to have a kid this old doing awesome things.

Niederfam said...

WOW. Impressive. Glad he got his first choice. I'd give him an A +++ too!!

rebecca said...

So creative!

courtney said...

wowzers! good work, miles!