Saturday, June 29, 2013

Camp Hashbrown

Well, despite our schedules (well, Ben's really) not really encouraging us to go camping, we went anyways.  I had had a rough and unpleasant week (month?) with my kiddos and was not super excited about taking them camping - or anywhere really.  But it was either deal with them and their extreme unpleasantnesses at home or in the woods.  I opted for the woods.  Ben seemed to want to go, too, and so we did.  But, yes, in the little over 24 hours that we were gone, there were 6 messages on our phone - all for Bishop Maxwell.  Sigh.  Poor man.  Anyways. . . back to our adventures.  It definitely exceeded my very low expectations, so that was pretty great.  It turned out to be a really, really nice camping trip:

We went to Woods Lake, where we've been before.  We even got our same campsite . . . it's the best spot in our opinion, so we were all happy about it.

First things first, gather firewood and break into pieces.  Fun work!

 Right behind our site is a little stream that is fun to walk to.  Emmy took Lucy up there and then they struck a pose on the way down.  :)

 We went fishing at Woods Lake.  The boys sooooo wanted to fish.

 The boys have gotten really good at casting their lines.  Thanks, in part perhaps, to easy kid fishing poles?  But they were able to get their lines waaaaay out.  Cool.

 Unfortunately, this was all the kids were able to catch!  We were told by the camp host that these shrimp had just hatched in the lake and that's all the fish were eating.  We didn't see a single fish, but did see the shrimp.  Oh well, it was fun.

 We came back to camp and ate some dinner.  We had ashcakes as part of our meal.  However, Emmy kept calling them hashbrowns.  "I want to eat my hashbrown."  "Is my hashbrown done?"  Even after telling her several times that they were called "ashcakes."  So, hence the name of our camp (we always try to give give our camp/camp trips names. . . )

After dinner we went down the road a ways (in our car) to try fishing at some beaver ponds along the river.  The camp host said we should try fishing there.  So we did.  But, again, we didn't see a single fish.  Oh well.  Emmy did find and eat a wild strawberry.  Awesome.

 We came back and had our treats.  Usually we do s'mores.  But we tried these Campfire Cones instead.  They were delish - I especially loved the bananas in it.  We had a hard time getting them perfectly melted and not too browned, but I'd definitely do them again.  Oh, and instead of doing real peanut butter, I just bought peanut butter chips and used them.  Yum.  So it was real late getting to bed.  We got in the tent a little after 10pm - even Lucy.  Crazy.  Once everyone quieted down and fell asleep, it was a great night.

 Good morning Sunshine!  Lucy slept for her first time in her camping sleeping bag, without her crib/Super Bed.  Yay!

 Everyone eating their breakfast of oatmeal.

While the girls played house (of course), and Ben and I took-down and packed-up (of course), the boys went fishing at the lake . . . by themselves.  It was a pretty awesome and big thing for them - and us, their parents.  I pretty much felt totally fine with it.  They were there for over an hour - with Jonas coming back once to get help with his line that had broken, or something like that.  The boys were very smart and caught some of the shrimp, put them to dry/die on the rocks, and then tried fishing with them.  Still, no success.  But it was a grand adventure for them, I think, going off by themselves.

After that, we headed to Telluride (about a 45 minute drive?).  We got there and I had wanted to do a hike. We opted to do Bear Creak Falls because it is pretty and fairly kid friendly.  However, I didn't want to push the kids too hard, so we decided to just hike 'til noon, instead of hiking all the way to the falls.  However, after an hour of pokey and complaining kids, I had had enough.  It was kind of pointless to make them go on . . . to nowhere.  They had done this hike marvelously last year and so I was pretty bummed and frustrated.  I'll just blame it on the late, late night we had . . . Anyways, I asked Ben if it would be okay if I went on and he just took the kids down.  He agreed.

I felt like I was a college girl again!  Hiking by myself!  It was . . . lovely, I will admit.  Yes, it would have been nice to have some non-complaining company with me, but that wasn't possible.  I was able to enjoy the beauty and was able to keep an awesome pace up the mountain.  :)  I made it to the falls, sat down on a ledge that I wouldn't have been able to do with kids, ate a quick lunch, then headed back down.

Meanwhile, the kids went down and stopped at this lovely spot for lunch:
 They had a good time.  Although minutes before Emmy and Jonas were running down the trail and she fell - and scraped up her tummy pretty badly.  Afterwards, when I had met back up with them and she was telling me about it, she asked, "Did you hear anyone yelling and screaming?"  Surprisingly, I hadn't heard her.  Poor girl.  They had a good time, though.

 This is where I met them.  Down at the bottom.  Trying to cool off by dipping their heads in the water.  Emmy was real sweet and told me how sad she was when I wasn't with them.  I was only apart from them for like 1 1/2 hours.  :)

At Telluride's city park there is this Kids' Fishing Pond.  It's pretty great and I was pretty sure we'd have some fishing success finally.  And we did:
I love this picture!  Here is Lucy - with the fish she "caught."  So cute.  And in the back you can see the other kids with the other 3 fish - caught by each one of the kids.  Perfect!  Miles carried the stick full of fish and got a lot of "Nice fish!" and "Great job" comments from people.  He was so proud.  Even though his fish was the tiniest, he didn't mind one bit.  Fish pie coming up Monday . . .

A good, good camping trip.  Yay Camp Hashbrown.


Angie Hawkes said...

Looks so delightful! I love that they stuck their heads in the water to cool off. Kids are great!

erinmalia said...

dude. hiking by yourself? sounds so awesome.

courtney said...

i'm glad you went camping even if your schedules didn't allow! we've discovered schedules don't allow much, if you allow them to. follow? :)

hiking solo does sound pretty dreamy! the whole trip sounds great - minus the messages waiting for you when you got home!

Nicole said...

You guys make camping look fun! And I mean that in a good way :) Love the cute pics of your girls and your boys fishing. Fun memories.