Monday, June 10, 2013

Meet the Rodents . . .

My short stories always turn in to long ones.  So sorry in advance.  But from the 2 lemonade/cookies stands we had last week the boys had made enough to buy a pet.  They were really wanting a reptile - maybe a lizard or a toad.  So we went to Petco on Saturday evening - not to buy anything, but to check out what was there.  I got quite dissuaded from reptiles as it seems like a bit of work - the right temp, heating pads/rocks, correct humidity, feeding of live crickets, etc.  Luckily Jonas wanted a hamster instead. Miles was still thinking of the fire-bellied frog (or toad, I don't know), but I convinced him over to a hamster b/c he could hold it, play with it more, I'd buy a cage for him and Jonas, etc.  Miles was all for it.  

So I went back to the store that night and bought a cage (on sale!) and we put it in the boys' room that night.  It was quite exciting for them on Sunday morning!  They put it all together and then had to wait for Monday.  Jonas kept commenting on it (Sunday) being the loooooongest day ever.  But they survived (me?  Just barely.).

Monday morning came and I decided to mow the lawn so I didn't have to hear, "How much longer until we go to Petco!?" a thousand times.  Right when we were about to go, I totally lost it on Miles and in my frustration I didn't want to go at that time.  

So I mopped the floor.  

Then we went.  

Oh, and we had decided on gerbils instead - I read they were a bit more playful, less nocturnal, and better at co-habitating than hamsters.  Luckily there were already 2 gerbils in one cage because if not, we would have had to have kept the gerbils separated.  Unless they grow up together, they fight like cats and dogs supposedly.  Who knew?

Anyways, the kids bought the gerbils with their money (Miles even found some tubes/tunnels for the cage that were hugely on sale!) and home we went.

Here they are putting their gerbils in their new cage:

 So fun watching them!

 Jonas with his gerbil - her name is Shark Tooth.

Miles with his gerbil - her name is Pepper.  But often he calls her, "Black."

The boys played and played with them all day long.  And sanitized and sanitized their hands all day long.  They had races in the tub, etc.  Finally I had to say, "No more playing with the gerbils.  Just let them be and give them some rest!"  Hopefully the gerbils will survive.

Miles loves creating new tunnels for the gerbils.  At first Miles wanted to stick his gerbil in the tunnel to show her it.  So he took off the "plug" and put her in the tunnel.  I was then supposed to put the plug back on.  But the dang gerbil tried to come back out before I could secure the plug.  I may or may not have screamed and/or ran out of the room.

They just look too much like darn mice - or even rats!


erinmalia said...

seriously, i would NEVER allow this. rodents?! aiyiyi. so how wonderful for your kids that they belong to you and not to me!

Niederfam said...

I'm with erin, NEVER at my house, much to the dismay of my children. You are a MUCH cooler mom. As if there was any question!

Nicole said...

ha ha ha! love your sister's comments :) Really, you are a NICE mother! I'm kind of with erin and nat, not my thing, but hey, your kids are clearly in heaven! Way to be such an awesome mom!

courtney said...

so i'm curious - a few weeks later, are the rodents still fun for the kids? we go back and forth about getting pets. so far, more back than forth. ;)