Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Racing Categories and Lemonade Stand

No, racing categories and a lemonade stand have nothing in common.  I just thought I would combine 2 things in 1.  Efficient, huh?

So before I ran my 1/2 last Saturday I was checking out the race's website.  I looked at last year's race results just so I knew what I would have to be beat to place first.  HA, totally kidding.  My body is just not made to run fast.  But I was looking at the race results and saw the "overall" runner and her name and time and I think it had 2nd place, too.  Under that was a name, a time, and the category of "first mother."  That's what it said and was all that it said next to her name, "first mother."  Totally interesting!  Was she really the first runner/mother to finish?  Awesome.

So that got me thinking that instead of or in addition to having age group categories, there should also be categories on how many children you have.  I don't mean this for the guys.  Sorry, but usually (not always I know) the stresses of the bearing (an obvious always) of children and the rearing (a mostly) falls on the mother.  I think there is a difference between a 34 year-old woman who has had 4 children (ahem) to a 34 year-old woman with no children.  No?

Now I am kind of being just silly with this - I don't think something like this "should and must!" be done.  I just think it would be a fun twist to a race.  I've got a few friends that have 5 kids (!) and I think they would totally rock in the "mother of 5 children" category.

So, Erin, I think you should organize a "Moms Running From Responsibility" (isn't that like your Ragnar team's name, Rebecca?) race and only have mothers of such-a-number categories.  Cool?  Lame?  Politically incorrect?

Now on to the lemonade stand . . . The kids (the boys mainly, but Emmy somewhat) have been wanting to sell stuff since school got out.  We finally got around to it yesterday and they did pretty good.  It started out slowly and then picked up.  I just let the kids "run the show" and hang out on the porch, inside - yet watching frequently out my window, etc.  The kids wave at all the cars that pass by - I truly think that helps!

Cute pic:
At this time Miles was inside cleaning his bird's cage.  He is going to try and sell his bird, cage, "and food."  All for $26.  He wants a reptile of some sort - a lizard, frog, or toad.  He's not sure yet.  Jonas also wants some type of reptilian creature.  We'll see what happens . . .


erinmalia said...

no more bird for miles?! that's crazy!

well, i could organize that race, but i think i had about 12 female runners last time. everyone would be in the top three of their category! but i'll think about it for this year's donut dash.

rebecca said...

I support this idea completely! It would significantly reduce if not eliminate my competition!!! Although I can only take credit for birthing 3 of them. So I'd probably be in my very own category and win anything I enter! Yes, our team is called Running from Responsibility.

Erin, you have organized a race?! That's awesome. It's on my list of things to do someday to organize a race in the town where I live.

Niederfam said...

The categories sound only FAIR to me, it could only help my chances.....actually I'm not sure, we decided the MOST competitive women are the 35-45 age group, because in "theory" they have more time to devote to training now that their children are older and in school, mostly??? I dunno. But I like it. ;)

My boys have had a lemonade stand this summer too, although the neighborhood comes out in full support, they split their profits with 12 of their closest friends, so it hasn't been too profitable yet, but FUN, which is the best part! They also knock doors to alert neighbors of their "wares" SERIOUSLY they are gutty! and sometimes embarrassing.

courtney said...

seems like you are on the cutting edge of racing culture. i say mothers should be a new category! not that it would improve my chances of winning anything!

glad you went with rodents instead of reptiles or birds. :)