Sunday, June 02, 2013

Thelma and Louise back in Moab

So I guess the movie Thelma and Louise filmed a lot of their scenes in Moab, UT.  So it's only fitting for a 1/2 marathon in Moab to be titled the same, right?  I had heard of the run via my Girls on the Run connections - seeing as the race's proceeds goes to GOTR and another organization.  It's a girls-only race and I thought that would be fun.  I got 2 other girls that I know (in the stake) to run it as well.

My parents decided to meet us in Moab and so we were able to make a mini-vacay out of it.  It was pretty awesome:

 I found it.  My dad paid for it.  That's a pretty sweet deal . .. for me.  :)  But I did find this great condo that had just 1 night open for the months of May and June (or just about).  That night turned out to be the night we needed, May 31st.  We got a better deal on it since we only stayed for the night.  It was a really great place - complete with 2 bunk beds and 3 bedrooms.  The girls slept on the bottoms and the boys on top.  It was pretty cool.  Except that Lucy didn't fall asleep until closer to 10pm.  Ridiculous.  And all the kids were up before 6am.  Even more ridiculous.  That night we enjoyed dinner out at Pasta Jays and then dessert.  I had made a rhubarb pie and brought that.  There were also fudgsicles.  YUM.  We had a nice evening together and I was able to get to bed before 10, but still didn't fall asleep until after 10.  Of course I had a bunch of coughing that night that interrupted my sleep (this had been happening all week.  Such a bummer time to get a cold thingy . . .)

Ben woke up with me around 5am and took me to the hotel where my friends had stayed.  We then drove up together to the race spot (while Ben went back "home" and "slept" for a little bit).

The race started at 6:30 and it a nice, cool start.  I stayed with my 2 friends for the 1st half and then headed out a little further ahead on my own.  My friends had a good pace, but they were doing the walk/run thing and I just wanted to keep on running.  :)
Here is my fan club!

 And here I am just about to cross the finish line!  Yay, I was done!  I had felt mostly good for the race, but after 13.1 miles, it's always good to be done.  :)  My actual time was 2:07:26.  I was 166th overall out of 636.  I was 71st out of 213, in my age-group.  (My friends came in about 10 minutes later.  Jessica was limping as her arch was really, really hurting her.  I felt bad, but she still had on her lovely smile!)

 Me, my kids, and the dressed-up Thelma and Louise.  :)  Funny stuff.

 That's Lucy for ya!  The kids all got some treats at a booth there after the race.  (Thanks Grandpa!)

 My fan club again - minus my biggest fan behind the camera.  It was a pretty run along the river the whole time.  There was some good head-wind on the way back - which didn't help for speed, but did cool me off.  The last couple/few miles were pretty hot and sunny.  I was ready to be done.

After that and a couple of cartons of chocolate milk, we headed back down to the condo.  We took a quick swim at the pool (and oh the blessed hot-tub - that was sooooo nice!) and then checked out of our place at 11.  We headed to Negro Bill Canyon for a hike I had found online and had great reviews (both online and from some of Ben's friends).

The hike was awesome, except for some mistakes we made.  It was only a 4 1/2 mile round-trip hike.  Simple-pimple.  My kids have hiked 6+ miles - and that included significant elevation changes.  This one didn't.  The 2.25 miles out to Morning Glory Arch seemed f. . . o . . . r . . . e. . . v . . . e. . . r.  Truthfully, we just made it to where we could see the arch!  But here were our dumb mistakes:  I brought my water bottle but couldn't share b/c of the lame cold I've had, Ben forgot to get one for him and the kids (my mom did have a small one), and we brought no food.  I had mentioned apples, but I guess we just decided against it.  So that stuff, all combined with just running 13.1 miles, made it seem extra super-duper long, I guess.

But the hike itself was awesome.  The kids really loved it - especially the boys.  They did great.  Emmy had moments where she was hot and tired and I did end up carrying her on my back for some of the way down.  But given everything, I think everyone did great.  There was some shade (which is slightly unusual in Moab hiking), lots of water-crossings, cool cacti, neat rocks, etc.

 My dad holding the roof up.  :)

 Blooming cactus.  These were quite plentiful at the beginning.  They reminded me of Jim and Diana and their cactus garden.

 We crossed this stream about 8 times - each way.  It was a delight.  The kids especially loved it.  Grandma Dixie enjoyed telling Jonas {Ford} that another way to say crossing a stream is to "ford" it.  Cool beans.

 A fun spot.

 Lovin' it.  Of course.

 Lucy looks a little wonky in this picture because she is.  She likes to piggy-back leaning back or sideways.  While I love holding her, I was more than willing and even volunteered to piggy back Emmy on the way back since she can hold on to me better.  Despite the 10 extra pounds, Emmy is much easier in my opinion!

 Okay, we made it!  Well, almost!  You may or may not be able to see the Morning Glory Arch in the background.  Kind of right above Miles' head.  I guess it is the 6th largest arch in the world.

 My mom is a trooper, too!  At 67 years of age, she rocked it.  My dad hiked for a bit, but then the sun came out and the hot sun and my dad don't get along.  So he decided to head back.

 The 3 kids got to walk in the stream for a little ways of the trail on the way back.

 We stopped and played at this spot for about 10 or so minutes.  The kids got soaked, but loved every minute of it.  Jonas, however, regretted it later as he had to hike in wet shorts.  But I am pretty darn positive he would have done it all over again!

Lucy loved it, too!

So we finally made it back to the parking lot - just about when my dad was starting to get worried.  I got to ride back in to town in my dad's new car.  It was fun - and perhaps a little more peaceful than in my own car.  :)  We also tried to call my sister on the "hand's-free" device.  Crazy stuff I tell ya.  My parents took us out to "lunner" (late lunch/early dinner) at one of their favorite places, Zax.  It was pretty fantastic.  I was feeling pretty famished by the time we ate!

Then we pretty much each headed back our own ways.  The kids loved seeing their grandparents (2 sets of grandparents in 2 weekends - lucky them!) and had a wonderful time, too.  I love how Ben always supports me in my hobbies.  He thinks I'm neat.  :)

All in all, it was a short and exhausting weekend - yet fun and so wonderful to see my parents, too.


Niederfam said...

That's awesome. What a FUN getaway. Great job. I seriously am IMPRESSED with any long distance run, I am NOT a runner, my max is five miles, and it's all painful to me. ;)

Glad your parents were able to join in the fun too!

rebecca said...

Great race, Emily!

I am always jealous of the many outdoor adventures you take your family on. You're doing such a great job raising them with an awesome connection to God's beautiful Earth.

I totally know what you mean about carrying wonky kids. Why do they (some of them) make it so hard?

erinmalia said...

haha. dad is STRONG! i can't believe you did all this after running the half. all i want to do is nap.

Nicole said...

Wow! Congrats! What a beautiful place and so fun to meet your parents there too!

courtney said...

vacation, racing, hiking - sounds perfect! so nice that ben could be there, too, and that you got to see your parents. win/win/win!