Monday, July 08, 2013

Littleton over the 4th

So there were a couple of reasons I decided to go up to Littleton (without Ben, boohoo):
1.  To see grandparents.  It's great to be with family and the kids just love, love, love it/them.
2.  To see the Okee Dokee Brothers preform.  We love the duo and saw that they had an "open to the public" show in some school in Denver called Most Precious Blood.  Free shows are just my price.
3.  To see one of my best friends, Csilla, who moved to Fort Collins - about 1 1/2 hours from Littleton.

Pretty good reasons, huh?  We had a really good time and accomplished all the reasons why we went up:

 The Okee Dokee Brothers.  If I was a little girl, I think I'd have a crush on them.  They are just soooooooo cute - oh, and good, too!  Seriously, I think they are great.  I adore their music and their style and think they are great for kids, too.  It was a fun, 45-minute show and I think the kids liked it, too.  They seemed a little reserved kind of, but it was a neat thing to see them live.

 We were happy to have Grandpa Max come with us!  Fun, fun.

 So this was a totally bizarre event:  this night the boys made up little contraption-fort thingys.  The boys would go in one end and then something would happen while inside and then they'd come out the other end.  What usually happened is that an item of clothing came off.  What!?  Seriously.  These are the same 2 boys that will hardly let me or Ben be in the room when they change their shirts.  It was most weird, slightly entertaining, as well as slightly embarrassing - for me.  I'm not sure what Jim and Diana thought.  :)  Miles, at one point, had only one item of clothing left on (his skivvies, of course) and threatened to go in the "machine" again.  I said no and luckily he listened.  Such crazy boys.  I blame it on the donuts they had consumed earlier on.  :)

The 4th of July!  While on my morning run I noticed this flower garden - in the design of the American flag!  So cool!  So I got home and after breakfast I took the kids to the path and we walked to the house.  While we were taking pictures from the path, a man came out and welcomed us to come on in to his backyard to get a closer look.  

 It might be hard to see, but he had 13 rows of red and white stripes.  At the top left corner he had his patch of blue flowers, mixed in with 50 white flowers.  Crazy, huh!?  Even crazier:  he said he planted 2,000 flowers.  Wow.  He also said 1.  He should have done the Japanese flag!, 2.  He spent 2 full days of weeding that week, and 3.  He'll probably never do it again.  So I'm glad we saw it!

 I saw this on pinterest who knows when and tried it out on my girls' hair.  It turned out okay - next year I'll know how to do it better, though.

 I painted the girls' nails - they loved it.

 Jim and Diana's neighborhood was doing a "Street Parade" and so we got to join in on that fun.  Here the girls are in the wagon as we head to the "Parade Street" as my kids now call it.

 The girls opted to have Jim pull them up and down the street.  There are some more parade-goers in the back. The kids were given little bags of candy to toss to the spectators.  That was fun!

There it goes!  Can you see the old car in front?  It's awesome.

 The neighbors then held an ice-cream social afterwards.  My picture isn't so great, but I still love it.  The kids ate ice cream and cookies and drank juice and all that good stuff.  They enjoyed themselves!  Jonas even found a friend and wanted a play-date with him.  :)

 My girls loved the swing in the backyard, too.  It was a fun start to our July 4th.

I don't know what we did in the afternoon - played with the hose in the backyard, watched 1/2 a movie, etc.  We had dinner and Grandma Dee came for that.  It was a nice dinner outside.  After dinner the boys went fishing with Grandpa Max.  Miles caught a crayfish, but nothing else.  There was some remote-controlled boat that Jonas was pretty excited to tell me about - they even got a turn driving it.  They came home for a few minutes and then the boys extended their "boys night out" (as Jonas kept calling it) and went and saw the fireworks.  They loved it and had a great time with their grandpa.

 The boys couldn't wait for me to leave with the girls - that's how much they love us.  :)  In fact, Miles helped me fill up the water bottles, etc.  Ha!  We left and got to Fort Collins and went to Csilla's house.  We hung out for a bit there and then went out to lunch.  After that we went to this fabulous park - splash pad and playground stuff galore.  Everyone loved it.  The picture above shows Emmy and Levi.

 Lucy loved playing in the water!

 So fun.

 There I am holding Csilla's newest sweetie:  Lexi.  She's a cutie and such a good baby.  Although she greatly despises car-rides and brothers spitting on her.  Smart girl.

 Lucy still lovin' the water.  She spent most of her time there - and just a little bit on the playground.  Emmy was probably more on the playground and scooter.

The clouds started coming and so we decided to head back before we got rained on.  I think we left at the perfect time.  Csilla drove me through "Old Town" and it started pouring, pouring, pouring!  The streets were flooding - it was awesome!  Right before we made it back to her home there was a big flash of lightning and then immediately after the biggest CRASH of thunder I think I've ever heard.  It was neat - but a little daunting, too.  Another reason (among the many!) to move to Fort Collins:  afternoon showers!

We hung out a little more at Csilla's house.  Just visiting and playing and enjoying ourselves.  It was grand.
Here is some of the group:  Levi, Csilla, Kyle, Emmy and Lucy.  Emmy and Kyle are within 10 days of each other and Lucy and Levi are a little over a month apart.  Pretty cool, huh?  They all had fun playing and I just loved my time with Csilla.  She's great.

I got lost on the way back home - I missed my exit and then had no idea where and how and what and all that stuff.  After turning around and missing another exit, I finally made it all the way back to the original exit I had missed and made it home.  Lucy thought it was totally funny that I was lost.  She told Ben all about it.

The boys had hung out at home for most of the morning and early afternoon.  Jim had a funeral to attend. Diana even had an appointment and so one of our great friends, Leanne, came over to watch the boys during that time.  Although I haven't seen her since, I do believe that Leanne survived.  I sure hope so.  :)  Jim came home mid-afternoon and took the boys to the graveside service of the funeral he had attended in the morning.  And then the boys got to see Monsters University.  They seemed to have enjoyed the movie.  We (the boys and the girls) ended up arriving at home at the same time.

Saturday we kind of just hung out, went to a park for a bit, then drove home.  They all wanted to stay, of course - Jonas was particularly MAD about leaving.  But as soon as we got home, all was well.  All was even better when Ben made it back from his temple trip.  It's good to be whole again.  :)

But we all had a wonderful time in Littleton!


erinmalia said...

that you can do this without ben is just amazing to me. glad you got to hang out with csilla!

courtney said...

lovely littleton! so glad you got to make the trip - wish ben could have gone with you! looks like a good time was had by all. tell jonas that i get mad whenever i have to leave, too!

Nicole said...

Oh so fun! Loved all the red, white and blue!! Good work on the hair and nails. Man, it's a lot of work to get the kids all ready and looking patriotic, isn't it?!!