Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Musings

We had the elders (missionaries) over for dinner this evening.  Now, not only does Lucy have a total crush on Elder Koyle, but Emmy, too.  I was worn-out just from watching them and being around them as they played all their little games with Elder Koyle.  Lucy - after being prompted by Miles - eventually just laid it all out and declared to Elder Koyle, "I love you."  To which he replied, "I love you, too."  He's a good man like that.  :)

Anyways, we were in the kitchen cleaning up and Emmy said something like this to Elder Koyle, "I wonder why me and Lucy fell in love with you?"  I think he said something like, "Well I don't know . . ."  And then Emmy simply stated, "Go look in the mirror and you'll know."

HAHAHA.  I told Elder Koyle that her flirting skills far beat mine!  Wowzers, where did she come up with such a line.  It was hilarious.  Good thing Elder Koyle is such a good sport.  His companions have been great sports too and always say something like, "He gets this a lot."  I need to get a picture of Elder Koyle and my girls.  I think it is the first crush for both of them (besides Emmy's Luke Skywalker, but this one is a real person  :).

This is a fun picture.  The gal in the middle is Lovely Lindsay.  She lived with her sister and brother-in-law, who are in our ward, for a few months.  She decided, while here, to go on a mission and so she worked a lot with Ben - filling out the application forms and all that good stuff.  She was called to the Kiev, Ukraine mission and leaves in a couple of weeks (she got her mission call months ago and so had time to go back to BYU-I and do another semester.  She came down this weekend for a nephew's baptism and also gave a talk in sacrament meeting today.  Then she goes back to BYU-I for finals next week!  Then the MTC.  Crazy!)  Anyways, she's such a sunny personality and it was fun to see her again today.  She's our ward's first missionary!

P.S.  Oh yeah.  I'm totally standing on the steps and almost make it to normal heights.  :)


Meg said...

That statement by Emmy is classic!! So awesome!

erinmalia said...

oh man, that emmy. YES a picture is definitely in order.

our ward has two missionaries now, with about three more in the works. it's crazy!

courtney said...

go look in the mirror?! i am dying!! hahahaha!

congratulations on your first missionary! also, love your shirt. :)

Angie Hawkes said...

your girls are so great!

Montrose Lewises said...

I can't believe Emmy dropped that line! What a riot!