Thursday, August 22, 2013

Backtracking . . .

The last few weeks of our summer break were pretty . . . summery.  It was almost a kid's ideal summer:  playing outside, up and down the streets, with neighbor kids.  Lily just lives a few doors over and so was here a lot.  They (the girls) would play outside a bunch, too, but they spent plenty of time inside.  The boys got real friendly with our good neighbors up the street - they live on our street, but up a block and on the other side.  That means crossing the street twice!  Josh and Sarah would come over and play lots with our kids.  Especially the boys.  Jonas and Sarah would scooter up and down and over and across and what not.  Josh and Miles would work on making batteries, creating their own geocache box, riding bikes, etc.  They were all good fits.  It was really fun for the kids to have that freedom in going over and playing at the neighbors' (though they never really played inside at their house since their mother works and their father works from home - he's an artist).  But it was totally fine and the kids did a lot of sidewalk playing.  Jonas even helped Josh and Sarah with their garage sale one day - a small garage sale that just the kids were involved with.  Josh gave him a split of his earnings (which was under $5 I'm pretty sure. . .. ).  Anyways, I wish I had pictures, but I just don't.

But I do have plenty of our bike ride to the skate park.  We did this ride maybe 4-5 times this summer?  It's a pretty big ride - it would take us about 25-minutes to get there.  There is some street-riding involved, but there is also a trail that we finally catch and it takes us right to the skate ride.  I love riding with the kids.  I love being active and so I'm happy when we do things like this.  The kids really have fun at the skate-park.  The play hard there and then we have another 25 minutes of riding back home.  Awesome.

 She's our fourth child, so, no, we don't buckle her in.

 The not-scary road-riding part.  We just ride on the street for a block or so here because of the bad sidewalk curb.

 So I convinced her to try and go up that little ramp thingy behind her in the picture.  She tried, caught some air, threw off her balance, and she crashed into the pole.  And then she screamed lots.  Some nice skater/biker kid came over to ask if everyone was okay.  :)  She was fine and did want to try again, but never did.  I was thankful for that!

 Wow, I must have been tired when I was adding my text.  Awesome spelling by me.  No idea what I was thinking.


erinmalia said...

what a peloton you guys are! i would love to see you riding around my town. and hey, i wouldn't worry about lucy's not being buckled. at least your kids are still wearing helmets!

emily said...

cool word, erin - peloton. i had never heard nor seen it. i had to look it up. i like it!

and, yes, helmets are definitely a must. :)

erinmalia said...

well, you need to watch more tour de france!

courtney said...

sounds like a very summery summer with neighborhood friends. i feel ours was like that too - except for the very persistent 6 year old living next door who rang our doorbell about 100 times a day. i could have done without that part. :)

the bike ride looks like the perfect afternoon! my kids would love to ride at that skate park. i would have to practice keeping all my "be careful!"'s and "not so fast!"'s to myself. (i'm that mom)