Sunday, August 04, 2013

Blue Lake Hike

I had really wanted to go hiking a couple of weeks ago, and so it was perfect when Jonas suggested we hike to Blue Lake.  Okay!  We did it last year and it was pretty awesome.  But my kids haven't been the best of hikers this summer so I was a little worried.  But they kept talking about it and so at least it wasn't something I was forcing them to do.  It turned out to be a great hike and the kids did awesome:

 I had decided on a "break-plan."  We'd break every 20-minutes - that way we just knew when we'd stop.  It worked out pretty good, I think.  We even got fancier and one break was just a water stop and the next was a snack.  We'd alternate between the two.  The above picture is our first snack break - wahoo.

 Fording a stream.  Which you can hardly even see!  This was the only time Emmy was carried.  She hiked the entire 6.6 miles on her own.  She was awesome!  The boys were great, too!

 Two cute hikers.

 Thank goodness for snack breaks and eating trail mix on the trail!

 We are almost there. . . here is the waterfall that is pretty close to the end.

 Since Lucy wasn't in the other picture, she wanted a picture of just her.  Okeedokee.

 This is the last 100 or so yards until the lake - yippeee.  It's so nice and flat - so Lucy was able to hike it.  :)

 But . . . before we even went to the lake (we were right there and could see it), the kids just wanted to play in the water.  So fun!  But so cold, too!

 Big Brother Jonas.  He was awesome.  He carried Lucy all over since it was so cold.  At one point, he even carried Emmy.  What a guy!

 My batteries had died, but then I did a little rearranging and got them to work for a few more shots.  At least I managed to get this one of our cool kids in the beautiful Blue Lake!  I just love the lake and am amazed at its color.  So neat.

 We found a great spot for lunch under some pine trees - to help protect us from the slight drizzle of rain.

Ants on a log.

We headed back down the trail - in our rain ponchos, though it never poured on us, just some slight drizzling.  The weather was pretty much perfect - overcast and cool.  The camera had taken one more picture of our "trash monster" kids (them wearing their trash-bag ponchos), but I guess it didn't have enough batteries to save/record it, because it's not here.  Total bummer.  But here was the song the trash-monsters sang:  "We are trash monsters and we don't care.  We make messes everywhere."  They chanted it quite frequently on our way down.

The kids played the game where they go ahead of us parents and then hide - putting their hats on the trail so we know where they are hiding.  It keeps them motivated in hiking down the mountain.  We cruised down (well, it still took us about 2 hours), without any breaks.

Oh, we did get to eat a few wild raspberries on the trail.  They weren't quite ripe, but were still a tasty, tangy treat.  So fun.

Yay for hiking with the family!


courtney said...

so beautiful! i love that your kids (usually) love to hike. mine (usually) do, too. :)

Niederfam said...

it is a very BLUE/GREEN lake, isn't it??? Good times. Love the great outdoors.

Nicole said...

So pretty!! I love that your kids suggested the idea. Awesome!

erinmalia said...

so cool. i want to do it.

Emily said...

Wow, that truly is a beautiful lake!! And how do you get your kids to hike 6.6 miles?! You guys are awesome!