Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dear Birthday Girl Emmy,

So another year with you, Emmy-girl, has come and gone.  It was your last [school] year at home.  Sniff, sniff.  Truly, I'm sniffing right now - on the verge of crying.  I didn't cry today when I left you in your kindergarten class.  I had to hold it in, really, but I did and it wasn't super hard because you were so excited to finally start school!  But now that it has hit me (and also because you've told me a couple times today that school is "too long"), it really makes me sad.  I just read your last birthday letter - and that's what has got me crying.  There will be no more mid-week and mid-day dance performances by my two little girls . . .  So sad.

Okay, this is a birthday letter, I'll try and be more jovial!  Even though you've told me several times today that school is too long, I still think (mostly . . .) that signing you up for full-day kindergarten was the right choice.  There were so many factors (including you wanting it!) that made us decide it was the right choice for you.  I'll miss you dearly, but school is where you are to be right now in this phase of your life.  You will learn so much - and not just your ABCs (because, come on, you already know those . . .).

As I read you letter from last year, I realize, in some ways, how little things have actually changed.  You are still that tough, spirited, active little girl that gets more and more un-little as I write these birthday letters.  You are tough and can hold your own against the boys.  When we ride our bikes all the way to the skate-park, you are right there with us.  There is no holding you back.  You remain that perfect mix of girly-girl and tom-boy.  You are definitely sugar and spice and everything nice (at times), but you also have a little bit of slugs, and snails, and puppy-dogs' tails in ya, too.  I love it!

You continue to be a great little hiker!  You were even better this year - hiking all the way and back to Blue Lake - about 6 1/2 miles round-trip.  Your petite body is a strong one.  You continue to do gymnastics and have now started a new class with older girls.  You are pretty good at gymnastics, yet could be great if you stopped being so silly at class!

You continue to be the best-sister and best-friend to Lucy.  Yes, you both scream and yell and fight with each other, but you also are so good to each other.  Especially you.  You are one of the best big-sisters I've ever seen.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Lucy just adores you - yes, even when she's screaming at ya.  She just loves ya and wants to be just like you.  Remember how you just lost your two bottom teeth?  Well now Lucy goes around telling everyone that she has a loose tooth. . . she just wants to be like you, Emmy.

One thing that has slightly changed since last year - your tantrums.  If you think I'm going to say you've gotten better, you are wrong.  Whoa have your tantrums increased in frequency and in decibels, too.  It's incredible.  Your emotions are all over.  You can SCREAM and YELL forever, and then suddenly! you'll calm down and just want to cuddle up to me.  One minute you hate me, the next, I'm the "best mommy ever."  (You'll even tell your dad that I'm your favorite . . . gee, thanks.  But I'm not convinced . . . :)

Here is maybe one sign of you actually maturing:  yesterday (I think) you were throwing a huge screaming fit and were in your room.  I calmly and nicely tried talking to you.  But you were CrAzY and screaming and I really couldn't understand anything of what you were saying and so I left.  A few minutes you came downstairs  and told me that you took three big breaths and were able to calm down.  What!?  I've been telling/asking/begging you for years to just take big, deep breaths.  You've always refused.  Let's hope you'll use that breathing technique the next time - because, even though you'll now be 6, we all know that there will be a next time.  Sigh . . .

We did a home-school preschool group this year with you and three other girlfriends and it was so fun.  You were a pretty great group of girls and you absolutely loved going and loved being around your friends (I'm so sad that they all are in the same class at a different school . . .bummer!).  I liked watching you interact with your friends when we had preschool at our home.  You impressed me at times and I was happy to see that you were learning things about being a good friend.

Well I don't feel like I've said anything to really express this past year of life with you.  It was filled with many Ups and many Downs.  Living with you Emmy is like riding a rollercoaster with your eyes closed - you never know what's coming next.  But I'll ride this Emmy-coaster over and over and over and over because

your mom