Friday, August 16, 2013

Dearest Lucy,

Oh Lucy, Happy 3rd Birthday!  You are something special, that's for sure.

You're cute.  Too cute, really.  Today (the day I started writing this, that is) a lady told us, "Lucy is so beautiful.  She's perfect.  She should be a Gerber baby."  See, it's not just your mom and dad that think you're ultra-adorable.  But another thing "cute" about ya is that you are totally in to telling people that they are "cute."  I am pretty sure it all started with Elder Koyle - your first crush.  You not only declared to him that he was "cute," but also that you love him.  You whisper to me at dinner time to tell the missionaries (new ones now) that you think they are cute.  You have told me that I am cute, that your dad is cute, and even that Miles is cute.  I think one of my favorites, however, was when you told Brother Randy Gerke that he is cute.  Randy is your dad's counselor in the bishopric and is in his upper 50s.  I think Randy thought it was pretty great, too!

You've got a lot of personality in that little body of yours.  You remind me very much of your big brother Miles.  The other day you did something that totally reminded me of something Miles had done years ago - probably right around your age.  I didn't even mention this to your dad but he quickly said about the incident, "That totally reminds me of Miles when he. . ."  The incident?  Well, it wasn't your cutest moment, that's for sure.  I had just gotten you out of your bath and since it was evening time I thought it would be fun to put curlers in your hair for the next day.  You reluctantly agreed to it, but you agreed and so I put them in.  When I was all finished you started crying, "No, I don't want curlers!  I don't want them!"  And so on and so forth.  I tried reminding you that you had agreed to them, but you didn't seem to care.  Ugh, fine, so I took them all out.  Once they were all out you started crying about how you wanted the curlers in your hair.  Yes, seriously, you totally did!  (As I am well aware, seeing as you are my fourth child, the "Terrible-2s" never really start until closer to 3 . . .)

You continue to amaze people with your language/vocabulary ability.  We had our great friends over a couple of weeks ago and Jana, the mom, said something like, "Lucy sounds like a teenager."  Probably because you were talking about being "embarrassed" by something - a word you learned from our 9-year-old-going-on-teenager neighbor.  :)  But you use these "big" words in the correct contexts.  Good - not only are you cute, but you are smart, too!

Speaking of smarts . . . the other night we were doing our family scripture reading.  You are always wild, here and there, and never really paying attention.  I didn't think you were paying much attention that night either . . . Your dad was reading Alma, chapter 14.  He read verse 3, "And they were also angry with Alma and Amulek; and because they had testified so plainly against their wickedness, they sought to put them away privily."  To which you said, "They put them in jail?"  What?!  How on earth did you get that?

You continue to sleep in the laundry room.  In your porta-crib.  But we fancied it up and made it in to a "super-bed."  We, your whole family, all call it that:  "super-bed."  So do you.  In your prayers you'll say something like, "Please bless me to not get out of my super-bed."  You love it.  But tonight, your birthday night, you'll start sleeping on a real bed (one made by your father - originally Emmy's) in Emmy's room.  Your new room.  I think we'll have a difficult month ahead of us, but I'm excited for you girls to share a room.  I love how the boys share a room and Emmy really wants it (although I think she'll be a little bummed b/c no longer can she tell you to get out of her room, which she occasionally does . . .).  Let the fun nights begin . . .

Flip-flops.  I can't forget about you and your flip-flops.  You love them.  Almost as much as your mother, I would say!  But guess what!?  You actually wear them more than I do.  How is that possible?  Well. . . I don't sleep in my flip-flops.  And you do.  You totally do.  In fact, if you forget to get them on you when we put you to bed, you will wake up in the middle of the night and cry for your flip-flops to be on.  Your first pair (from Sea World), well the first pair you were attached to, broke and so Grandpa Max bought you a new pair when he was here watching you.  You transitioned with no problems and continue to sleep in your new ones every night.  It kind of makes your flip-flop-wearing-mama proud.  :)

You can be so stubborn!  You make up your mind and it's hard - nearly impossible - to make you change it.  Like wearing pants.  For some reason, you hate wearing pants.  No problem now, in the summer time.  But it made it rough for those winter mornings when I was trying to get four kids up and ready to head out the door by 7:45 - fed, lunches made, and dressed in coats, hats, and gloves.  You always wanted to wear a skirt or a dress - even when it was single-digits or even in the negatives.  I just couldn't let you do it.  You would scream and yell and cry when I made you wear pants.  There were times that I would let you have your way, but that's probably when it was at least in the teens or something.  Oh, and you also hated tights.  I wanted you to at least wear tights if you weren't wearing pants, but that was a struggle, too.  Oh Lucy!  Of course those times that you got to wear just a dress or a skirt, you got really cold.  Sometimes I held you and cuddled you up in my warm coat.  Other times, I didn't.  So you would "learn your lesson."  But you were just two and so you didn't learn your lesson.

I could go on and on about all that you've done and learned (and not learned) in this past year.  But this is probably enough - it should give you a little glimpse of your life as a two-year old.

I'm so glad that I got to be part of it and am excited for you being a 3-year old (and a little nervous. . . )!

I love you so much, Lucy.