Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Emmy is SIX

Another good birthday, I hope!  It was a little different for Emmy seeing as she was in school for most of her birthday, but I still think she had a fun and special day:

 She's 6 and Excited!  Yay Emmy!

 Here she is opening her first present of the day (they always can open up one gift in the morning).  Isn't she beautiful?

 I just love her expression here!  "Huh?"  I think is what she said.  She didn't quite know what she had opened - hair chalk!  Ha.  When I told Ben what I had gotten for her, I think he was all, "What?!  Why?!  What are you thinking?!"  Not in a mad way, just in a I-never-was-nor-ever-will-be-a-girl-and-thus-just-don't-get-it way.  :)  When I told Emmy what it was she was so super excited!

 I won't go in to all the messy details of the hair chalk (due to it's top totally crumbling away and getting e v e r y w h e r e), but it finally worked and she loved it.  Here she is in her birthday chair with her birthday cereal.  Cute.

Then she was off to school.  Rhonda, the school's fabulous secretary, gave Emmy a fancy pencil (Miles told Rhonda it was Emmy's birthday) and so that was a good start to her birthday at school.  :)

I checked her out for lunch and she was so excited to tell me about the octopus they were making in class - oh good, I was so glad she was having fun and was happy!  So we went to McDonald's and she got her Happy Meal.  She's the bestest sister and shared a lot of her food willingly with her sis. (Oh, Lucy did get her own burger - but Emmy shared her apples, fries, chocolate milk, and even gave her a chicken nugget.)  She is so impressive at times!
 This has got to be one of my favorite pictures of ALL TIMES.  I love it so much.  Pink hair and all!

 Oh the girls had fun playing at the play-place after lunch!  But then it was back to school . . . which Emmy wasn't super excited about.  But when I reminded her she had P.E. that day (she had excitedly! told me earlier), she didn't want to miss that and so quickly got her socks and shoes on.

We have made a little "goody bag" for her classmates - it had a long fruit roll-up thingy, a sparkly pencil, and an eraser in the shape of a hamburger, sandwich, hot dog, or french fries.  She got to hand it out at the end of the day and the kids all sang "Happy Birthday" to her.  She told me she smiled the whole time they sang to her.  :)

After school we had talked about going to the pottery place in town called Amazing Glaze (it was a brilliant idea of Ben's).  She was really excited about it at lunch when I told her, but after school she just didn't want to go.  I think she was just exhausted from the past couple of days at school.  So instead the kids watched a movie we checked out from the library: "Barbie in A Mermaid Tale."  I guess it was "really good" - I couldn't stand to watch it.  :)

We had dinner of rainbow pasta - spaghetti noodles cooked and then soaked for a little bit in dyed water.  I had the 6 basic colors of the rainbow and it worked out pretty awesomely.  We also ate pickled beets because the kids love them - including Emmy!

Then we opened gifts.  Oh Emmy just SHRIEKED with delight every time she opened at present!  It was so cute and sweet and funny and LOUD.  She's such a girl!

The kids played for a little bit and then we had our cake and ice cream:
I think the cake turned out pretty good.  A pretty cake for a pretty gal.  The flowers are jelly-beans - I had to make them yesterday and "glue" them together with royal frosting.  Emmy was super happy with the cake and so she made me feel good.  :)

Happy Birthday to you, Emmy!  We sure do love you and are so super happy to have you in our family.


erinmalia said...

i want hair chalk! what a lucky girl. happy birthday emmy!

Emily said...

She is getting so big!! What a cute girl. Sounds like it was a great birthday!

Nicole said...

She is so darling. Looks like a fun birthday! The cake is beautiful! Well done!

Meg said...

Love her cake. Totally going to use it next year for Lindsay's first birthday.

Debbie said...

You are such a cool mom! What a great day!
I want you to plan my birthday :)

courtney said...

happy birthday, emmy! it is true, she is quite a beauty. i'm so glad she had such a good day! (even if it did involve a barbie movie - ha ha!) the picture of emmy and lucy is so precious - how fortunate they are to have each other!