Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hiking with Kids

By kids, I mean goats!  The bishop of our old ward has some goats (he's training them to be pack-goats for when he goes hunting).  Ben and he (Christopher) were talking at work (Chris is a podiatrist and does surgery at Ben's work) about their weekend plans and Ben mentioned how we wanted to go hiking.  Chris mentioned going hiking with his goats and so they planned for us to meet up Saturday morning and go hiking - with our kids and the goat kids.  It was pretty great and a neat/different experience for us  - hiking with goats.  They are really nice goats, thank goodness.  :)

We went over to their house and Chris went down to their stall, or whatever you call it, to bring the goats up and get them in his truck.  It was hilarious - Emmy started running back up the hill as soon as they came out.  Miles jumped up on a hay bale - then a goat followed him there and I heard Miles say, "Help!"  Not a frightened plea, just a nervous one.  Emmy did cry at one point as the goats got a little too close to her, but she did okay.

The hike was grand - except for the time we lost the boys for about 15 minutes.  Gag.  Our boys (plus Chris' son) had gone ahead and Ben and myself and our 2 girls plus Chris' girl Olivia (Chris was a ways behind us as he was doing some "training" with his goats) were next.  We came to a point that Ben and I realized was not the same trail we had come up.  So we started yelling for the boys - no reply.  I ran along the trail, yelling, no reply.  Anyways, long story, but Chris met up with Ben - and Chris' dog Rusty ran down the trail (the right one - we had gone down the wrong one) and the boys followed the dog back up and met up with us.  It was slightly nerve-wracking for me.

The goats stopped to eat pretty much all the time.  But would still get ahead of us.  Emmy liked hiking with them, then they got a little close and she didn't like hiking with them, then she liked hiking with them again and would pet them, and so and so forth.  The boys loved it - not only hiking with goats, but also hiking with a friend - Mason.  He is Chris' son and in the 5th grade.  They just had a great time together.  Emmy and Olivia (2nd grade) finally started talking and giggling with each other at our lunch break and so had a fun time hiking down.  I overheard this:  Olivia:  "I'm not even bored hiking down because I've been talking to you the whole time."  Emmy:  "Me, too!"  Cuteness.

We hiked up to Fish Lake - which turned out to be way longer than Ben and I had thought.  Which was fine, but we didn't exactly think we'd be gone for the entire day - which we were.  But it was good and neat and all that stuff.

Okay, now pictures.  Most of them were super blurry, but I'll still post some anyways:

 We all got attacked by some burr-things.  Luckily they didn't really go through clothing!  Emmy definitely got it the worst.  We also got attacked by stinging nettle, but the sting would go away quite quickly, I thought.

 A goat, Jonas, Mason, a goat, and Miles.  The goats' names were (I'm not sure which these two were) Froto, Meshach, Sam, and I-can't-remember.  Fritz?

 Olivia and Emmy and me on the trail.

 Our boys liked to hold the goats' collars.  Not that they needed to, but it was fun for them.

 Jonas loved it, as you can tell.  :)

 Little Lucy.  She had to be in this for the whole hike up and down.  She did get out for the 1+ hours we stopped for at the lake and had lunch and such.  She did pretty great, but missed her boo dearly.  (It was in the car.)

 The lake doesn't look it here, but it was rather beautiful.  Or maybe it was the awesome mountain behind it?  The boys loved "launching" big tree trunks and roots and such and then throwing rocks to sink them.  They also caught little frog-things.  But we told them, nope, they are not coming home with us. . . (the frogs, not our kids).

 Not a superb picture, but does show Lucy, Ben, Chris, and Miles.  And Rusty the coolest dog ever.  And three of the goats.  And Miles dragging a tree to launch in to the lake.

 Sam, Ben, and Lucy.

Awwww, Ben and Lucy giving Sam some lovin'.  :)

Fun times. . .


erinmalia said...

this looks horrible to me! goats?! eek. this city girl says, "No thanks." my running friend sharon got chased by goats on a morning run in utah this month. she was not excited.

erinmalia said...

BUT i am glad you guys had fun! i don't know what rhett would think.

courtney said...

hiking with goats! never would have thought to use them as pack animals. i think my kids would be a little wary of them at first, too. i like that one is named sam. it is almost like we were there, hiking with you. (i wish!)