Monday, August 19, 2013

It's back to school time . . .

At least for the boys.  Emmy goes in for a few hours on Wednesday and then she'll start full-time next week.  So here are the pictures we got this morning:

 2nd grade!

 4th grade!

 Two brothers going back to school.  They are both excited and happy about it.  Though Miles was a little sad to not have his 3rd grade teacher any more.

 Jonas and Mrs. Cretti.  I think she'll be fantastic!  And Jonas' best school buddy is in his class, too.  Perfect.

Mrs. Friesmuth and Miles.  All the fourth grade teachers are brand new.  Not just new to Northside, but new to teaching - they just finished up their student-teaching last year.  She seems like she'll be good!

Here's to a great year!


erinmalia said...

so exciting! and how fun for miles to have a brand new teacher. i can't wait for rhett to start!

Nicole said...

How fun!!

courtney said...

so exciting! first day of school is the best.