Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lucy on 2 wheels

No, Lucy's not quite riding a 2-wheeled bike, yet she is:

We got this dandy of a hand-me-down - think a Strider bike (the pedal-less bikes), but wooden and homemade.  It's pretty well used and I am not sure it will last past Lucy, but it's pretty much awesome.  Lucy's been riding it for almost 2 weeks now and she just loves it.  It's so much fun.

Here's a little video as well:


courtney said...

oh, i love those! wish we had one. learning to ride on two wheels would happen a lot sooner! mostly, i just can't believe lucy is old enough to be doing this kind of stuff. shouldn't she be crawling around on the floor?

erinmalia said...

does she ever pick up her feet and glide? we could never get rhett to do that on his.