Saturday, August 17, 2013

Lucy's Fun 3rd Birthday

Well we all had a really fun day - especially Lucy!  It was super great, I think.

 She's finally THREE!

 Lucy got to open a few presents right away . . . this was her first one.

 Ooohhh, so exciting!  This was her lip-gloss (lip stick as she calls it) and she adores it!  It's definitely one of her favs!

 The kids put together a big box of "presents" for Lucy.  The items were stuff that already belonged to either one person or to everybody.  A sweet thought by them, at least!  Here Lucy is digging through the box - oh look, Emmy gave her her underwear.  Awesome.

 She loves it!  This is one of about a billion times of Lucy applying it to her lips.  :)

 I love this card from the kids.  Jonas wrote it out and had the kids sign their names.  I love it.

 Lucy at the table sitting in her birthday chair and with her birthday cereal.

 Lucy's flip-flop cake.

 So we went to the library in the morning to return our books.  While there we found out that Lucy had won the prize drawing for her age-group in the summer-reading program.  What a fun birthday surprise!  She got a puzzle, books, a stuffed animal, etc.  (Poor Miles, though, who read A TON and put all of his raffle tickets in for the magic-set drawing.  He didn't get it.  :(

 After the library we went to McDonalds and played for a bit and then got lunch.  Lucy was able to get a Happy Meal.  Yay!

After lunch we came home and watched some of the Angelina Ballerina movie that Lucy picked out at the library.  Ben was able to come home by 2:30 or something and so we got ready to go to the pool . . .

 It was a blast!  We had a really fun time.  At first Lucy just played in the water and didn't do the slide.  But for the second half of swimming, she went down the water-slide tons.  She loved it!  All the kids had a really great time - and the parents did, too.  Bonus.

 Our cute swimmies.

Since it was getting late Lucy agreed to not have her "rainbow noodles" that she had picked for her dinner but to instead pick up Little Caesar's pizza on the way home.  It worked out so much better since Lucy was getting soooooo tired by this time!  We ate dinner and then opened presents.

 All she wanted were "dollies" (but she did get a few more stuff anyways. . . ).  Here are her cute two dolls - and her super cute headband she got, too.

 "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you . . ."

 She tried to blow out the candles, but just couldn't or wouldn't!  Oh well.

Jonas ate so much of the cake that he wasn't feeling so good and couldn't even be in the room with it.  Miles teased him about having a strawberry cake for his birthday, to which Jonas replied, "No!  I just want a healthy cake!"  Awesome.

Good night big girl!  (Though it wasn't quite that easy, but not too bad either . . .)

We love you, you little 3-year old!  Mwah!


erinmalia said...

ack! she's so freaking cute. happy birthday little/big lucy!

Nicole said...

she is so darling. can't believe she's 3! so so big. looks like a fantastic day. the cake is so adorable. nicely done!

courtney said...

ha ha ha! the picture with lucy and the lip gloss is classic. that is a lot of birthday fun packed into one day! happy birthday lucy!