Wednesday, August 07, 2013

More Pioneer Pictures . . . in random order (sorry Ben)

We had a Pioneer Trek fireside on Sunday night.  There were some good talks by a few adults and half a dozen or so kids (3 came from our family.  so proud . . . :)  It was a fun evening - although a little long for our kids (real kids) perhaps. . . But we got to watch a slideshow of pictures (plus a few videos) and we each got a copy.  I went through the pictures and picked out a few of our family:

 Josie, Quinn, Brian, and Katie -trekkin' it.

 Remember the dancing and how I mentioned dancing with the tallest boy there?  Awesome.

 Our "look like pioneers" picture.  I think we (well at least myself) just look angry!  (Kyle couldn't make a serious face  :)

 A little happier . . . Jacob, Ben, Hayden, me, Brian, Kenny, Katie, Josie, Alyssa, Kellie, Quinn, Sarah, and Kyle.

 Kellie, Kyle, and Jacob crossing the Sweet-water river.

 All (at least most) of our stake group.  An impressive group - and not because of how many, but just because they are impressive people.

 Our family - always ready and willing to help Kyle.  Alyssa, Quinn, Kyle, Katie, and Kellie.

 The buses driving by Devil's Gate.

 Ma and Pa Maxwell.  This was our first stop on the way out - see how clean we are?

Ben, Josie, Katie, and me pushing our handcart in the Martin's Cove area.

Here I am with Brother Harris, another "Pa."  We were asked to come up to give the kids a visual of what Jens and Elsie Nielson would have been like.  Jens (a big, strapping man) and Elsie (a petite lady) were a couple that crossed with the Willie Handcart company.  Jens' feet were frozen and he could not go any further.  He told his wife Elsie to go on without him.  She told him no and made him get in their handcart.  She pulled him for I-don't-know-how-long, but they both made it to the Salt Lake Valley (though they lost their son and another girl in their care along the way).


Meg said...

You and Ben almost fit the part too well!!! The church is going to have you in a movie someday!

Niederfam said...

Heartbreaking story.....AMAZING pioneer heritage, always makes me PROUD and GRATEFUL I live in this "time and season" ;)

Nicole said...

Nice work!!

Emily said...

I have never been on Pioneer Trek. I'm impressed that you went- nice work!! Sounds like overall it was a great experience too :)