Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Alaska, Day 1 (and into 2 . . .)

So I don't have tons of pictures for each day, but I thought it would be easier for me to break it down this way.  So here goes my Alaska/Uncle Derek's wedding posts!

Lucy and I flew out of the Montrose airport at 4:55.  So we left our house at 4:00 and still had plenty of time!  Love it.  (Sorry, sis.)  I love this picture:

 Oh Emmy's expression!  It was "acted" here, but was more true than not.  She went home and cried that afternoon . . . for me.  And she cried throughout the time we were gone, wanting to play with Lucy and the such.  What a sweet gal.

 Lucy on her first plane ride - looking out the window!

 I guess snacks are not really offered anymore, but if you are as cute as Lucy (or her mother), you get some pretzels.  Awesome.  Lucy did just dandy.  Once or twice she told me her stomach hurt and I thought maybe she was going to barf (frankly, I thought I might, too!).  But she didn't.  Nor did I.  It was a sort of small plane and sort of bumpy, too.  But it was short and so that was good.  We got off at the Denver airport (after waiting on the runway for over 20 minutes . . .) and met up with:

Pig!  Just kidding, we met up with cousin Ollie!  Yay!  And his mom - Erin!  Yay, yay!  The kids just played and then we boarded our plane . . . late, of course.  But we made up good time in the air.

We arrived in Anchorage and met my parents at the airport.  We got our luggage, shuttled to our rental car, drove to the military base where we were lodging that night (and had to "check in" and get ID badges and all sorts of ridiculous things at a ridiculous time . . .), and finally made it to bed by 2am Anchorage time (4am Western time, 6am for my sis and Ollie - waking up time!).  We all slept well, though, and didn't get up until like 8?

Oh, and Lucy and Ollie just slept on the plane.  They were great.  I got to hold and cuddle Lucy the hold time.  It was awesome.  Except my bum didn't like it.


erinmalia said...

i love our kids!

courtney said...

oh my goodness - for real, i would have been sleep walking! i'm a little jealous about meeting up with your family for an alaskan adventure!